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RPA Tools & RPA Software: Hyland RPA

RPA Tools & RPA Software: Hyland RPA

Businesses looking to digitally transform are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) to take manual tasks and put them in automated environments. This technology helps to automate many processes that burden employees and create inefficiencies, but not all RPA solutions are created equal. From the many RPA solutions out there, Hyland is the industry leader in RPA products – offering a suite of tools to cover all phases of automation, from process analysis to bot management. 

Below are more details on how Hyland RPA works, why it stands out in a sea of RPA solutions, and how businesses can see radical transformation through using it. 

What Is Hyland Robotic Process Automation?

Hyland RPA is a solution that accelerates processes by automating repetitive and manual tasks. Through its suite of RPA products, Hyland enables employees to spend more time on activities that bring value to their organizations and drive strategy and growth instead of tedious work. Hyland RPA allows a business to enhance intelligent automation capabilities and extend the value of its applications. 

How Does Hyland RPA Work?

The solution removes manual efforts and integrates with systems in your IT environment. It is comprised of four different products:

  • Analyst allows you to produce documentation automatically and map your processes.
  • Designer helps you build automations, make changes to processes, and implement bots.
  • Conductor executes tasks and runs automations.
  • Manager boosts visibility and monitors processes.

Users can automate feature execution in multiple systems. The technology leverages a digital user to perform actions like keystrokes, copy/pasting data, clicking a button, and even starting and closing application dialogs. Employees are then freed from such work, and processes can move forward more quickly.

Hyland RPA can also make data entry between systems easier. If an application is not easily accessible through an API or web service, users have to manually enter data into the system. Hyland’s tools replicate data entry between systems by supplying the values to the system with no risk of human error.

The Hyland RPA suite doesn’t just automate processes, but it brings intelligent components to businesses for even greater improved efficiencies, including:

  • Intelligent object identification
  • Smart tracking of cognitive decisions
  • Self-repair
  • Neural network use
  • And more

The Benefits of Using Hyland RPA

Hyland’s technology goes beyond what other RPAs have to offer. With its comprehensive suite of tools, your organization will see:

Streamlined deployment. The solution can be deployed and configured with no advanced coding or customization. It’s user-friendly with an intuitive interface, has automatic storage of technical information, and contextual guidance. Its low-code implementation means easy deployment, so your IT staff stays focused on more important needs.

Increased accuracy and efficiency. With intelligent automation throughout your organization, Hyland RPA gives your employees their time back to devote to more strategic initiatives. Your business will see higher levels of accuracy with human error removed and faster business cycles.

Improved information security, compliance, and disaster recovery. You can remove humans from processes that involve sensitive data – reducing data’s risk of exposure. Hyland RPA helps you maintain defensible audit trails to demonstrate compliance, and it copies your core processes to store off-site for better backup and business continuity.

Long-term ROI acceleration. With how easy it is to set up and deploy Hyland RPA, your organization can begin leveraging its productivity capabilities and automation right away. Your business will start recovering ROI as soon as your users start using the solution.

Improved employee experiences and satisfaction. Your employees will be able to better focus on more engaging work now that they’re freed from manual tasks that not only bogged them down but mentally taxed them as well. With the available time to devote to strategic business activities, employees will feel more autonomous, contributory, and valued. Long-term, you’ll see reduced employee churn, higher job satisfaction, and overall better use of your labor dollars.

At All Star Software, we’ve helped businesses digitally transform with the power of Hyland RPA. It does more than just automate manual processes – it introduces efficiencies across the board to give your business the ability to truly leverage both your applications and your employees. If you have questions about Hyland RPA or other automation technologies, the experts at All Star are ready to help you. Contact us today to learn more.

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