Enterprise Faxing

Enterprise faxing is a bi-directional application that can address incoming and outgoing faxes. Within All Star’s core solutions, enterprise fax can help facilitate information capture through its ability to capture incoming faxes as images. Once captured, the images can be sent through the same processes as a scanned image with the exception that no person has had to touch any paper. Processes will become more streamlined and auditable earlier on in the process if information can be captured electronically versus having to turn paper into an image.

Outbound fax is consistently used in document delivery workflows for delivering documents like invoices, credits, statements and electronic funds transfers. This type of delivery is widely used because of the ability to deliver these documents as a fax or an email.

This type of solution can also enable desktop faxing (outbound and inbound) at every workstation. Users can utilize email integration to send or receive faxes and to “print” a document using a “virtual printer” that sends the document to the fax server.

Using enterprise fax technology provides a tremendous advantage to organizations since it immediately creates a mechanism to route documents throughout the organization.

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