Salesforce Integration with OnBase

Gain better visibility into your business relationships and increase efficiency with Hyland’s Salesforce integration.

If your organization is running Salesforce, content management and process automation solutions from Hyland can bolster your use of the system to better manage business relationships. Hyland’s OnBase product integrates easily with Salesforce and provides seamless access to critical documents and data in your existing Salesforce system. You can rapidly retrieve documents such as contracts, invoices, and more and view them next to their comparable Salesforce records. Ultimately, your business minimizes the time workers spend searching for files and documents.

Hyland’s solutions enable you to digitize and store documents in a central, secure location – eliminating the need for your staff to search through physical files, rifle through paper documents, or sort through disorganized network drives. The relevant information will be immediately accessible to users, and functions like search and retrieval of documents are done directly through the Salesforce screen they know and love. Importing documents is a cinch with easy drag-and-drop features – reducing the need to navigate across applications and waste time and productivity.

How to Get a 360 View of Your Business Relationships

Integrating Hyland’s solutions with Salesforce delivers one view of all your company’s relationships, enabling you to operate more productively, address customers more efficiently and effectively, and grow your bottom line. From sales and marketing to customer relationship management, Hyland’s products augment Salesforce’s power by:

  • Introducing automation to support organizational document retention policies.
  • Reducing manual indexing through automatic mapping of Salesforce data to uploaded documents.
  • Providing better visibility into all relevant data directly from Salesforce interfaces.
  • Reducing errors across different platforms by providing access to the content – regardless of whether it comes from Salesforce or your other system integrations.
  • Improving search and retrieval in corresponding records.

No Costly, Complicated Configuration

Hyland integrations offer built-in configuration – eliminating the expense of custom API development tools. You’ll reduce the amount of time and effort IT spends on this integration and enable an easy transition for your team. The integrated configuration and mapping activities ensure a smooth move to your new software without significant disruption to day-to-day business operations.

An Integration for Every Industry

Hyland and Salesforce integrate to improve both B2B and B2C operations. Every industry can leverage this beneficial combination, including:

  • Healthcare: Seamlessly manage patient information in Salesforce with Hyland to give employees like sales account managers, case managers, and insurance payer service representatives easy access to things like account histories and transactional statements. Your patients will enjoy smoother experiences.
  • Government: Public service workers can improve processes such as managing permit and license applications. The secure storage of plans, maps, and plots correlated to those activities provides added reassurance.
  • Higher Education: Enrollment staff and student services can streamline how they process information with electronic student records and files on one familiar screen. They’ll be able to respond more quickly to student needs and inquiries.
  • Insurance: Claims officers can import and retrieve documentation and photos to expedite settlements while they view those files right beside customer data and information in Salesforce.
  • Vendor Management: You’ll strengthen vendor relationships by being able to align invoices, vendor contracts, and more with the appropriate vendor record in Salesforce. Easy access to relevant information enables you to more respond quickly to queries.
  • Banking and Financial Services: Loan officers can have a complete view of the documents they need, such as credit history and applications, to perform services like validating borrowers’ credit and initiating loans.

If you’re interested in how Hyland products can augment and boost your current investment in Salesforce, contact All Star Software today. We help organizations of all sizes and across all industries transform through the power of the Hyland-Salesforce integration.

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