Oracle E-Business Suite Integration with OnBase

Give your Oracle users the ability to get instant access to relevant data and drive faster business processes.

Integrating Hyland’s OnBase solution with Oracle’s E-Business Suite gives businesses a way to improve customer service while mitigating compliance risks and issues associated with disaster recovery and litigation. By connecting OnBase with Oracle E-Business Suite, you can integrate documents in OnBase with their relevant Oracle transactional data without leaving the application you know the best.

Your users will be able to speed up business processes, free staff to devote their time to more strategic initiatives, and easily access files and documents with the added advantage of native OnBase functionality.

Additionally, you will be able to complement Oracle E-Business Suite with a workflow and process automation tool that is configurable and allows both Oracle and non-Oracle users to participate in workflow processes. While Oracle has its Approval Management Engine, the OnBase workflow can fill the gaps for processes that are difficult to accomplish with AME.

Maximize Your Oracle E-Business Suite Investment

You’ll augment your Oracle E-Business Suite functionality with Hyland OnBase by giving users the ability to:

  • Improve customer service through gaining real-time visibility and insight into the status of orders, transactions, and requests online. You’ll also help customers help themselves through self-service abilities such as documenting online requests and filling out forms.
  • Ensure document security through proper storage – thereby removing concerns about lost files or misplaced documents if someone accidentally deletes or renames them.
  • Speed up review processes through automation. OnBase initiates document-centric workflows automatically to cut time spent on multi-department operations by days and weeks.

Drive Effective Digital Transformation Through the Hyland-Oracle Integration

Connecting OnBase with Oracle E-Business Suite is a natural step for any business utilizing Oracle E-Business Suite and looking to automate more processes. Your users will find that all the data they need to process transactions – including email, forms, scanned images, and electronic documents – is available from their Oracle screens. There’s no need to get used to a new interface.

The many benefits of this integration include:

  • Leveraging multiple attachment options so decision-makers can access the right information across any department – no matter what point in the business process they are in.
  • Pulling documents with just one click.
  • Cutting costs you used to spend on fixing manual errors and duplicate data entry.
    Using automated indexing from Oracle data values to fill in keyword fields in OnBase, eliminating document indexing.
  • Using Oracle data values to populate eForms and sending transactions into a workflow for non-Oracle users or for workflows that fall outside the Oracle sweet spot.
  • Mobilizing workflow transactions to users’ smartphones, tablets, and email.

Move Faster, Cut Costs, and Stay Competitive With Both Hyland and Oracle E-Business Suite

This integration gives employees instant access to transactions happening in Oracle from OnBase – enabling them to work more efficiently. If you’re interested in how OnBase can augment and boost your current investment in Oracle E-Business Suite, contact All Star today. Our experts are standing by to help you.

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