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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Conversion

When you have a new ECM system, every day—indeed, every hour—you procrastinate using your new ECM solution costs you time and wastes resources, as your team struggles with multiple file formats and storage locations. You can give your users immediate access to the documents they need to do their jobs with our ECM conversion service. We’ll get you up and running in no time, and you can start earning ROI right away. You also avoid the cost of maintaining both legacy systems and the new system.

All Star Software provides secure end-to-end content conversion services to help you manage all kinds of documents and COLD/ERM data streams. Your team can retrieve whatever they require quickly and it’s easy to archive outdated versions.

All Star Software ECM Conversion is not only fast and cost effective; it’s also the most secure conversion process available. Unlike most ECM conversion services, we are able to set up right at your facility and do all conversions on your premises. Although in some cases offsite conversions prove more beneficial. In this case using encrypted drives is a secure alternative. Your confidential information is never at risk, and it reduces the overall conversion time so your team can start using the new system sooner.

All ECM conversions are not the same, and that’s why experience matters. All Star Software provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) conversion services to customers through our experienced team, who is familiar with most of the content management systems in use. We can hit the ground running whenever you’re ready to start. In fact, we’ve created proprietary tools that extract and convert the data from most mainstream content management systems, so our proven process is fast and smooth.

Formats We Convert

  • Canofile
  • Coastal
  • DCTM
  • DocStar
  • DST
  • Eastman
  • File Magic / Fortis
  • FileNet
  • Hyland
  • IBM Image +
  • Laser Fiche
  • Macrofiche
  • Metafile
  • MIMS
  • OnDemand
  • Optika IBPM
  • Oracle I/PM
  • Oracle WebCenter
    Content / Imaging
  • OTG Image
  • PCI
  • SolCom
  • Stellent IPM
  • Unisys NT
  • Unisys UNIX
  • ViewStar
  • Visual Info
  • WANG
  • Watermark

Supported Media

  • 5 ¼” Optical (all)
  • 12” Optical (all) – includes 7 GB
  • 3 ½” Optical
  • DVD
  • CD
  • DLT IV tape (SDLT, 4000, 7000, 8000, I)
  • 3490 tape
  • SNAP Server
  • USB (not preferred)

Choose All Star’s ECM Conversion Services

When you go with All Star Software Systems, we ensure that we account for things other conversions leave behind. Things like missing pages, zero byte files or corrupted images that disrupt the smooth flow of your business processes. We even provide full reports to so you know the disposition of everything we received, whether we converted it or not. Any item that could not be converted is called out with a reason for the failure, so you have a full audit trail from your old systems to your new ECM conversion solution.

Even if you’re currently using multiple ECM systems, we can convert the documents and consolidate them in a single system to improve overall efficiency and simplify day-to-day processes. We improve productivity with simplified processes and newly designed workflows that help users find exactly what they need, when they need it.

All Star ECM Conversion Benefits

  • Our dedicated conversion team has the expertise to handle data regulated by HIPAA, SEC 17a 4f, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Taft-Hartley or other statutes.
  • Our labs have extensive security measures in place to ensure the integrity of your data.
  • Our proprietary tools can extract information from an existing document management system and populate the new system quickly and accurately.
  • Users can retrieve and process all legacy system information using the newly designed workflows and system processes right away, minimizing downtime and eliminating the hassle of running dual systems.
  • Convert and consolidate from multiple systems into a single complete, cohesive ECM solution.

All Star Software will help you move from paper to digital using our onsite ECM conversion services. We can consolidate multiple systems into one. Whatever your content management needs, rest assured that All Star has the expertise to handle it. You will have an efficient document control and management solution that enables your employees to access the information that need quickly and accurately, so there are no delays to slow down procedures.

All Stars ECM solution is risk free and secure. Get the efficiency and productivity boost you need and begin earning ROI on your new ECM conversion investment.

All Star’s end-to-end document conversion services enable you to convert, populate, retrieve and archive all the important documents that exist in your organization.

Contact All Star Software to learn more about our industry leading ECM conversion services and how we can help make your organization more efficient and productive with no downtime or security risks.

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