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Content Management

Higher Ed transforming through technology

One would be hard-pressed to find a sector or industry that has not at least partially transformed through the use of new technologies, as the mass digitization of information and commoditization of advanced solutions has accelerated in the past few years.

Where process, content management automation meet

Convergence and centralization have been two major themes in corporate IT for several years now, as leaders are increasingly looking for solutions that will provide them with a clear, efficient, concise and accurate view of all matters from one platform.

The benefits of content management in higher ed

One would be hard-pressed to find a sector that has been more consistently under the gun when it comes to calls for modernization, improvements and overhauls than higher education, as the United States has appeared to recognize a wealth of problems.

Where content management, information governance meet

There has been much discussion regarding the need for tight data management and security in the past few years, especially as major instances of information exposure, loss and theft strike with increasing frequency.

Inside the diversification of reporting analytics use

Well-informed leadership can make all the difference in the increasingly competitive markets of the modern era, and more organizations are beginning to leverage reporting analytics to achieve the highest possible levels of performance.

Taking HR mobile

Human resources departments have long been a core component of general business operations, and several trends in the workforce have put the onus on these professionals to get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

Let’s talk mobile content management

Enterprise mobility has been one of the more widely discussed matters in corporate computing and IT management throughout the past five years or so, as smartphones, tablets and portable computers are rising in popularity and prominence across industries and regions.

The widening scope of content management

Information governance has become far more complex in the past few years, with a wider range of data types, higher volumes and broader overall applications of the files being somewhat common challenges among businesses in virtually every industry.

Content management evolves across sectors

Whereas the lion’s share of information collected, generated and stored by businesses was once in paper form, the mass digitization of data that has taken place in the past few years has completely revolutionized the realm of content management.

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