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A control center and workflow for all invoices entering your Oracle E-Business Suite 11i.

INVOICEIT enables automated invoice processing within Oracle E-Business Suite, release 11i. The software gives you full control of all the supplier invoices you have received:

  • Where they are in the process
  • Who has a specific invoice
  • What you are waiting for
  • How many days invoices have been pending

…and so on.

INVOICEIT automatically matches purchase order invoices with their purchase orders – even on line level. If the match is complete (we support 2, 3 and 4-way matches in Oracle), the supplier invoice is automatically posted, accounted for and made ready for payment.
Non-purchase order invoices, or purchase order invoices with errors, are sent for approval in INVOICEIT’s electronic workflow.

INVOICEIT is the only software product which offers certified, end-to-end accounts payable processing within Oracle E-Business Suite.

Suitable for you if:

You are an Oracle E-Business Suite user who wants to automate your invoice processing.

With INVOICEIT, you will:

  • Get faster invoice approval
    A faster invoice approval process enables discounts and avoids interest bills.
  • Enable 100% secure approval
    Reduces the risk of paying fraudulent invoices.
  • Get a complete audit trail
    The Oracle workflow documents every step of the process.
  • Get a real-time overview of the workflow
    See where invoices are in the process and who is responsible for the next action.

Technical Capabilities

  • Invoice information and the corresponding invoice image are always available via the standard “Attachment” button in the Oracle AP module.
  • The standard Oracle Workflow manages everything and provides a graphical overview to pinpoint specific supplier invoices in the process.
  • All data remains in Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Existing E-Business Suite rules and functions are used.
  • Account rules provided by General Ledger.
  • PO/HR hierarchies are available.
  • Awareness and use of both accounting and descriptive flex fields.
  • 100% based on Oracle.
  • No integration to maintain.
  • No effect whatsoever on your existing E-Business Suite 11i and no effect at all on the Oracle support nor on your ability to upgrade.
  • Get statistics and reports through REPORTER.

Business system integration

INVOICEIT is a part of ReadSoft’s invoice processing solution for Oracle E-Business Suite which works seamlessly inside the Oracle ERP system.

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