Palette Supplier Portal


PaletteSupplier Portal – It´s Smarter

PaletteSupplier Portal – is a web-based portal service for PaletteInvoice users to connect suppliers for achieving increased operational efficiency toward the ultimate goal of full Enterprise Purchase to Payment automation. The Supplier Portal is one of the products in the suite PaletteArena of which the fundamental goal is to streamline the Source- to- Settle value chain.

Every organization that procures goods and services incurs the expense of managing the process from initial requisition through purchase to receiving, invoice processing- and approval and finally payment. The Supplier Portal provides a self service collaborative environment for suppliers to serve themselves such as the ability to check on the status of their invoices as well a framework for allowing all Palette users to have a more efficient bi-directional dialog with their suppliers. This can be very useful for solving discrepancies arising out of the matching- and processing of the supplier invoices process.

In addition, the Palette Supplier Portal assists supplier management through improved supply chain communication, responsiveness and increased customer satisfaction.

The Supplier Portal comes with an easy to use Web Invoice functionality making it very simple for the suppliers to create and send web based invoices- or credit notes through the Portal.

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