Palette Invoice Processing


PaletteInvoice makes everything simplier

PaletteInvoice is the leading solution for electronic processing of supplier invoices. As acomponent of the PaletteArena family of products it is recognized as the most advanced and flexible fully web based system in the market today . When used in conjunction with other PaletteArena products, PaletteInvoice represents the industry’s most automated approach to Enterprise Purchase to Payment. PaletteArenas award winning design allows it to be deployed within your company’s IT infrastructure or in the cloud as a SaaS based solution.

Investing in PaletteInvoice provides rapid return on investment through increased efficiency, reduced processing costs and enhanced control. It’s all about automation. Paper invoices are scanned and interpreted, while electronic ones are delivered directly into the system. Invoices are matched with purchase orders, contracts or other sources of identification, then routed via workflow directly to the ERP for booking and payment, or to users for approval or exception handling depending on your processing requirements.

Palette’s unique cascading matching system is at the heart of this highly automated solution. Efficient matching and routing using PaletteInvoice’s fully automated workflow provides users and managers with complete control and visibility. Invoices are controlled and tracked from the time they are received and until payment is made. A complete audit trail compiles critical business information as invoices flow through the system to ensure and document all process steps and changes.

Unlike other solutions, where workflow is complex and requires programming, Palette invoice features a graphical designer that can be used by business people as well as IT to quickly and easily create workflows and matching selections to meet your ever changing environment

At Palette we know that your business is unique and complex.Our products are designed to be configured by business users who can quickly adapt to new processing requirements. Approval hierarchies, authorization amounts, account coding templates, workflow design, users and other critical business criteria can be controlled by business people with proper permissions.

PaletteInvoice is easy to implement, has an intuitive user interface and is delivered by one of the leading and most innovative companies in the market. PaletteInvoice has the following key features:

  • 100% web based
  • Unique cascading match system
  • Compatible with all ERP systems
  • Handles all types of e-invoices
  • Web based approval system
  • Easy to approve, split and reject invoices
  • Advanced authorization hierarchy
  • Compliant with laws and regulations
  • Embedded archive for long term storage
  • Geographic independence for branch offices
  • Compatible with all similar technologies

In addition to improved working capital management, cost savings, increased efficiency and reduced risk for error or fraud, PaletteInvoice increases corporate control and makes your business more agile. Corporate governance, transparency and integrity of operations is made easier.

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