Palette Connectivity


PaletteConnectivity Services is Greener

Electronic Business to business communication is a growing element of the EP2P market. Companies wishing to reduce transaction costs, speed transaction times and enhance supplier relationships are looking for ways to create direct communication links.

PaletteConnectivity Services (PCS) provides transaction brokering between buyers and suppliers. Sold as a service to our customers PCS acts as a broker and translator of electronic business transactions. Our customers and their business partners (suppliers/customers) now have the ability to send and receive transactions once relegated only to paper documents. Electronic purchase orders, confirmations, advanced shipping notices, change orders, invoices and other electronic transactions can be delivered and received as easily as email. PCS is an electronic trading hub that accepts transactions in one format from the supplier or Palette customer, translates them into a format that the recipient system can process and delivers the transaction in seconds.

Supplier Invoice

You can choose in what format you want to receive your supplier Invoices, regardless what format your suppliers use. You only need to handle one flow. If you have suppliers with small volumes of invoices, they can use the Web Invoice instead of e-invoice. This will give you all of your supplier invoices in the format you wish.

Customer Invoice

Using the PaletteConnectivity Services your customers choose in which format they wants to receive the invoice. You do not have to change your billing process. For example, you can send Svefaktura to your customers without support from your ERP system.

ACCELERATING Business Processes