Palette Buyer and Purchase Management


PaletteBuyer is Wiser

The step stone to achieve major cost savings through procurement automation. PaletteBuyer is an easy to use and deploy application providing your organization with cost effective structured procurement processes and improved control.

The module can be used as a standalone product and/or in conjunction with your current ERP based purchasing system simplifying the process of initiating and approving purchase requisitions. In addition, PaletteBuyer is a value added module of the PaletteArena suite of out of the box applications. As such it can be used with other modules to further increase control, efficiency and visibility throughout the purchase to pay (P2P) cycle. When used in conjunction with your ERP PaletteArena provides the most automated transaction processing platform in the market today. PaletteBuyer manages the workflow and events connected with procurement of goods and services. The solution provides users with an intuitive interface in which to create purchase requisitions, route them for approval, manage goods receipts and reconcile supplier invoices. The product simplifies the procurement procedure and the subsequent invoice matching process.

Purchase requisitions can easily be created by picking goods or services from a catalogue database managed in PaletteBuyer. Users can be given permissions to buy certain goods and if bought off catalogue be limited to approved suppliers with negotiated discounts. In addition free text or ad hoc purchases can be managed through roles based settings. The system proposes cost allocation coding from a system generated template which can be set up based on previous purchases. After the requisition is created it will be sent in accordance with the company’s authorization and approval matrix. When the requisition is approved, the system automatically creates a purchase order, which is forwarded to the supplier.

Operational expenses (OPEX) as well as Capital expenditures can be managed by the system.Included in PaletteBuyer is also a CapEx module, that can be used for approving capital expenditure and checking against budget limits and authorization rules before goods and/or services are ordered. A vital key feature of the module is the product’s ability to convert approved requisitions into purchase orders and submit these to the vendors.

PaletteBuyer is a highly configurable and flexible product, both with respect to technical integration and customization of the user interface. The solution is web based.

  • Improved cost control
  • Reduced risk for fraud
  • Consolidate vendors
  • Saved time
  • Improved transparency
  • Improved P2P automation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced transaction cost
  • Reduced handling time
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Providing documentation
  • Improved capital control

In addition to increasing efficiency and reducing expenditures related to procurement procedures, PaletteBuyer provides increased corporate control, transparency of operations and reduced risk of human error.


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