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PaletteArena – The most automated Enterprise Purchase to Payment product suite on the market

The PaletteArena product suite provide customers with ample ways of achieving significant and measurable cost savings as well as efficiency gains in the processing of supplier invoices and purchase orders.

Palette replaces the physical flow of paper by distributing invoices and purchase orders electronically. Also, utilizing straight-through processing, manual checking and controls are limited to a minimum enabling accounts payable staff to free up time.

Palette’s architecture is written in .NET and is entirely web-based. There is no need for any activeX components to be installed on the workstations. Palette is fully in compliance with today’s demands for multitenancy and can be offered both for traditional in-house deployments as well as in hosted environments referred to as SaaS and/or ASP solutions.

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Palette is the proven marketleader when it comes to accounts payable automation and supplier invoice processing.

Our highly successful concept is based on a few very simple ideas:

  • Easy-to-use solutions
  • Ready-made and standard software built on customer needs. In this way, all of our customers can benefit from shared knowledge.
  • Excellent customer support both during the project phase and afterwards to build a long term relationship.

Easy-to-use solutions

PaletteArena was developed with a clear focus on customer needs. More than 1000 customers have implemented our standard applications.

PaletteArena has been sold to both complex- and large as well as smaller businesses, institutions and other organizations. With its user-friendly interface, PaletteArena is very simple to operate for all users, from the occasional approver to the accounts payable operator working every day in the product.

According to Inspectum’s poll (Sweden’s leading independent analyst company with particular focus on tracking the field of invoice processing), Palette has significantly higher ratings as compared to other suppliers of electronic invoice processing and matching systems.

Palette’s Rating Other Suppliers
User-Friendly Product 90 % 66 %
Product Meets Expectations 76 % 58 %
Long-Term Partnership Established 76 % 60 %

Ready-made and standard software built on customers’ needs

At Palette; we firmly believe that a standard software package must be feature rich to cover most particular demands and requirement across all markets and segments. All configuration work should be done as parameter settings in the GUI. Hence, we have incorporated our customer’s wishes and requirements into PaletteArena. Functionality can simply be enabled or disabled in the GUI through parameter settings.

Excellent customer support

We firmly believe that the decision to buy and implement Palette is a strategic long term decision and we are fully committed to proof to you for as long as you use the software that you have made the right choice.

Here’s How Our Customers Describe Palette:

Easy to use. Simple. User-friendly. Efficient.

96 % are satisfied or very satisfied with Palette

96 % think that Palette was worth the investment

97 % recommend Palette and Palette to their business contacts

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