Palette Arena

PaletteArena – The most automated Enterprise Purchase to Payment product suite on the market

The PaletteArena product suite provide customers with ample ways of achieving significant and measurable cost savings as well as efficiency gains in the processing of supplier invoices and purchase orders.

Palette replaces the physical flow of paper by distributing invoices and purchase orders electronically. Also, utilizing straight-through processing, manual checking and controls are limited to a minimum enabling accounts payable staff to free up time.


Palette Dashboard

Palette Dashboard provides business-critical information about processing efficiency through an elegant corporate dashboard. Different levels of user-efficiency can be monitored and the Arena module offers a simple way of drilling into historical data. Arena users can also communicate through the web interface, and internal corporate news such as important notifications can be exchanged and shared.


Palette Invoice Processing

PaletteInvoice makes everything simplier

PaletteInvoice is the leading solution for electronic processing of supplier invoices. As acomponent of the PaletteArena family of products it is recognized as the most advanced and flexible fully web based system in the market today . When used in conjunction with other PaletteArena products, PaletteInvoice represents the industry’s most automated approach to Enterprise Purchase to Payment. PaletteArenas award winning design allows it to be deployed within your company’s IT infrastructure or in the cloud as a SaaS based solution.


Palette Buyer and Purchase Management

PaletteBuyer is Wiser

The step stone to achieve major cost savings through procurement automation. PaletteBuyer is an easy to use and deploy application providing your organization with cost effective structured procurement processes and improved control.

The module can be used as a standalone product and/or in conjunction with your current ERP based purchasing system simplifying the process of initiating and approving purchase requisitions. In addition, PaletteBuyer is a value added module of the PaletteArena suite of out of the box applications. As such it can be used with other modules to further increase control, efficiency and visibility throughout the purchase to pay (P2P) cycle. When used in conjunction with your ERP PaletteArena provides the most automated transaction processing platform in the market today. PaletteBuyer manages the workflow and events connected with procurement of goods and services. The solution provides users with an intuitive interface in which to create purchase requisitions, route them for approval, manage goods receipts and reconcile supplier invoices. The product simplifies the procurement procedure and the subsequent invoice matching process.


Palette Supplier Contract

PaletteContract is Sharper

The smart solution when you want to focus on cost savings on your Supplier contracts and agreements!

Traditionally the handling of supplier contract terms, conditions and pricing tend to be subject to individual experience with the contract and accessing the legal archive of your organization. Given the volume of paper in the process the source documents are rarely checked for proper pricing and other contractual consideration. This can lead to overpayment and possibly fraud. Recurring invoices are usually handled in a very manual fashion with managers or AP personnel coding and approving them month after month. Perhaps your organization has to remember to make manual payments in the ERP for liabilities like leases.


Palette Supplier Portal

PaletteSupplier Portal – It´s Smarter

PaletteSupplier Portal – is a web-based portal service for PaletteInvoice users to connect suppliers for achieving increased operational efficiency toward the ultimate goal of full Enterprise Purchase to Payment automation. The Supplier Portal is one of the products in the suite PaletteArena of which the fundamental goal is to streamline the Source- to- Settle value chain.


Palette Connectivity

PaletteConnectivity Services is Greener

Electronic Business to business communication is a growing element of the EP2P market. Companies wishing to reduce transaction costs, speed transaction times and enhance supplier relationships are looking for ways to create direct communication links.


ACCELERATING Business Processes