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Outside In Technology is a suite of software development kits (SDKs) that provides developers with a comprehensive solution to access, transform and control the contents of over 500 unstructured file formats. Each SDK within the suite is optimized to solve a particular problem but they are highly flexible and interoperable. Developers can quickly implement any combination of the Outside In SDKs to provide exactly the right functionality in their application while minimizing integration effort and code footprint. The SDKs offer a wide range of options to give the developer programmatic control of their workflow and output. Thorough documentation and sample applications with source code are included to further accelerate implementation.

Outside In Technology 8.3.7 is Now Available

New formats including AutoCAD 2010, Microsoft Project 2010, and Ichitaro 2010;  numerous extraction and rendering improvements for PDF, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes and more;  new developer options including more  control over OLE and sub-object processing and transparency output in PDF Export.

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