Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration

SharePoint 2010 Communities lets people work together in ways that are most effective for them. How? By providing great collaboration tools that anyone can use to share ideas, find people and expertise, and locate business information. Even better, SharePoint 2010 lets you manage these tools from a single, powerful platform. With SharePoint 2010 Communities, your people can be more creative and productive—and you can rest easy knowing that they’re working in a secure, well-managed environment.

Work Together the Way You Want

​With SharePoint 2010 Communities, people can work together the way they want using a full set of collaboration tools—from wikis to workflows and team sites to tagging. A single, flexible platform makes it easy to manage these tools and design the right collaborative experiences for different business needs.

Rely on a Secure Collaboration Platform

​The SharePoint 2010 collaboration platform is secure, easy to manage, and scalable. People can work together more safely with the platform’s granular security and privacy controls, centralized policy setting, and detailed reporting and analysis.

Extend the Value of Your Community Solutions

​SharePoint 2010 provides a single collaboration platform that lets people use the tools and applications they already know. SharePoint 2010:

  • Works seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft Business Productivity infrastructure, including Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Communications Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Adheres to open standards, so people can use third-party applications and systems.
  • Uses Business Connectivity Services to surface information from other business applications.
ACCELERATING Business Processes