OnBase Workflow


Workflow Software

Ever thought about how much time and money you spend waiting for information? Manually routing data and documents in and out of your organization is not just expensive – it’s risky. The workflow management tool in OnBase can help. Tasks that require an army in a paper-based world can be completed quickly and easily by a small team with Workflow.


More than just routing documents, Workflow automatically processes work so you can focus on the job you were hired for – not chasing paper. The OnBase Workflow software solution is quickly and easily configured to meet rapidly changing business conditions so you get a competitive advantage and better meet the needs of those who rely on you. Just as importantly, the documents Workflow processes are safe. No more folders on desks, left in cars or mysteriously lost. Only the right people at the right time can access it.

Core Features

  • Improves customer service by ensuring higher quality processes and faster turnaround times
  • Reduces costs by freeing staff from low-value, manual tasks
  • Enforces consistent business practices and ensures accountability and compliance
ACCELERATING Business Processes