OnBase OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Finding what you need in a document with thousands of pages is like looking for a needle in a haystack. OnBase optical character recognition (OCR) software finds the needle for you. The OCR application lets you search for any word or phrase in a scanned or imported image.


Optical character recognition software eliminates hunting through a lot of pages or a group of documents. For example, OnBase OCR lets healthcare organizations find a single patient’s data in a long explanation of benefits (EOB). Accounts payable departments find specific items in invoices that could have hundreds of lines. When you have specific information that is hard to index or locate, OCR makes it easy to find. That way you speed up business decisions.

Core Features

  • Finds information quicker to speed up business decisions
  • Eliminates wasted time scrolling through pages to find one detail
  • Lets users search across multiple documents without hunting through each one
ACCELERATING Business Processes