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Lending: Loan Processing Software

By integrating with existing loan origination software, OnBase loan software helps lenders decrease cycle times and increase profits. Investors and customers receive loan documentation faster and with greater accuracy, which paves the way for future sales opportunities. When it comes time for loan servicing, OnBase software manages and associates other required documents with the original loan information. Everything you need for loan processing, underwriting and servicing can be found in one place. How convenient is that?

By automating underwriting and associated lending processes, banks save on staffing, paper, storage, shipping and destruction costs.

Increases your bottom line by integrating OnBase with your loan origination software

Users retrieve content from the interface they are accustomed to, eliminating the need to switch between loan software systems.

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Processes loans faster

Decrease turnaround time, save money and beat out competition with a quicker response to prospective customers.

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Quickly and easily meets compliance requirements

Decrease review and approval time and automate audit trails and document histories throughout to ease regulatory compliance.

Decreases risk with faster loan origination

Get increased accuracy when processing appraisals, proof of income, credit reports and more, which are closely scrutinized by the potential lender.

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