OnBase for Claims Processing


Claims Handling with OnBase Enterprise Content Management

The faster you process a claim, the lower your costs and the happier your customers. OnBase gives claims teams all the information they need to process claims and handle exceptions fast and according to your business rules. Processing claims faster and more accurately not only means you fight the clock – it means you save money claim after claim.

Property and Casualty

Keeping expense rations low is the name of the game when it comes to P&C claims. OnBase helps insurers process claims faster and more consistently.

Handle each claim consistently – from basic to complex

Automatically route and process claims and related documents according to your business rules.

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Think auto-adjudication or straight-through processing is a pipe dream? Not with OnBase. Learn how we leverage your existing systems to decrease cycle times.

Get more out of existing claims and legacy systems

Combine claims notifications with data in existing systems to start the claims process. Automatically request, route and manage data and content in one place.

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Keep your claims costs low with faster, more secure processing from OnBase.

Track and access claims documents from one place

Access claims documents right from your existing claims software. Faster decisions don’t just keep customers happy – they keep your costs low.

ACCELERATING Business Processes