OnBase for Case Management


Managing Your Case-Based Processes

Everyday your organization manages case-based processes surrounding your customers. While many cases start with a planned action and can be streamlined for efficiency, others are unpredictable and arise at random during the course of the customer life cycle. Your knowledge workers need to handle unplanned events and provide the highest level of service. OnBase’s single, digital case file provides quick and easy access to all the documents, data, and process events required for accurate decision making. An OnBase solution can be rapidly deployed for any case-based process in a fraction of the time required for a costly, custom-coded solution.

Line of Business Integration

Managing any case-based process is challenging when the information you need is spread out amongst multiple systems. Many departments in your organization have their own isolated systems to manage customer data, and none of them are completely integrated with the others. With customer information stored in so many different locations, your knowledge workers struggle to find everything they need in a timely manner. OnBase uses existing systems and reports to automatically create case files. These case files provide a consolidated view of the data, documents, and history for each new customer – allowing instant access to all the information required to make informed decisions and process cases efficiently.


Ensuring that business cases are handled efficiently and in compliance with organizational procedures is challenging with manual processes. Knowledge workers can use their time more efficiently when repeatable processes are automated, such as the on-boarding of new customers. OnBase can automate policy controlled processes without any human interaction or allow a knowledge worker to make critical decisions by selecting the next appropriate steps. This provides your organization with both flexibility and control.

Managing the Case

Not every case handler works with the customer case in the same way. Each department interacts with the case through different roles and responsibilities. While some employees need immediate access to case content directly from their familiar business applications, other workers benefit from easy to learn dashboards. Because OnBase provides multiple ways to interact with the case file, every case worker is presented with the case information in an efficient view optimized for their unique role.

Smart Capture

Events that occur outside of automated transactional processes create content that can be difficult to capture and share across an organization. OnBase smart capture capabilities keep the case file current by storing and connecting randomly received content to the case. Through simple interfaces, paper documents, e-mails, and printed screen content are instantly captured. With the simple click of a button, these documents automatically trigger business processes and are immediately available to every knowledge worker in every department.

ACCELERATING Business Processes