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Billions and billions of e-mails are created every day. Managing them is hard enough. Managing them in conjunction with business processes is even harder. OnBase lets you take control of your e-mail and treat it as the record of business that it is. With OnBase, organizations can better manage their enterprise e-mail behind the scenes with automatic archiving. They can also let users stay in their familiar e-mail application while they take advantage of OnBase features such as workflow and document retrieval.

Featured E-mail Modules

E-mail Archive For Microsoft Exchange®

E-mail is an indispensable part of everyday business. However, managing it across an organization is a bit like herding cats. Without keeping control over it, organizations risk legal problems and expensive storage of millions of e-mails. E-mail Archive for Microsoft Exchange makes it easy for organizations to capture, search and find every e-mail in their enterprise. It stores one copy of all e-mail in a single, central repository so they can be pulled up in a matter of seconds.


Any organization that uses e-mail as a day-to-day part of business benefits from managing its e-mail in single, central repository. Organizations can quickly produce e-mails for legal discovery or compliance, even if they have been deleted from Exchange. Plus, E-mail Archive provides enterprise e-mail management behind the scenes. Users aren’t limited by quotas and they find e-mails quickly without sifting through folders. Administrators will find the Exchange Server running more smoothly and easier to optimize.

Core Features

  • Supports legal discovery and compliance with e-mails a quick search away
  • Lets users search for e-mails in OnBase from Outlook interface
  • Reduces costs of Exchange Server administration and lets it run more smoothly
  • Eliminates mailbox quotas because e-mails are stored in OnBase, not on Exchange servers

Integration for IBM Lotus Notes®

When IBM Lotus Notes is a primary business tool for your users, why should they have to leave it to find what they need in OnBase? It reduces productivity and hinders adoption. With the Integration for IBM Lotus Notes, users interact with OnBase content and Workflow processes within Lotus Notes. They can import and automatically index e-mails by just dragging and dropping an e-mail into Lotus Notes. They can also pull up OnBase documents, link to workflows, view OnBase folders and cross-reference, all without leaving Lotus Notes.


If a customer service representative is working with a particular customer and exchanges e-mails back and forth, a good deal of customer history could be in their inbox. If that representative then leaves the organization, all of that e-mail correspondence with the customer could be lost. With the Integration for IBM Lotus Notes, the customer e-mails are safely stored in OnBase and easily accessed by authorized users.

Core Features

  • Links relevant e-mails to business processes via Workflow, folders and cross-referencing
  • Eliminates e-mail data silos and storage redundancies by centrally managing all communications throughout the enterprise
  • Reduces process cycle times by capturing e-mails and attachments as they are received
  • Automates import and index of e-mails and attachments, increasing accuracy, consistency and efficiency

E-mail Software Solutions – Integration for Microsoft Outlook

If you are using Outlook as your e-mail software, you know it is much more than a messaging tool. It helps keep business processes moving by instantly sharing mission-critical documents and information. By integrating directly with this e-mail service, OnBase can eliminate the silos of data that go along with high volume Outlook messaging. Proper Outlook e-mail management and e-mail archiving not only helps you to avoid risk – it also delivers a positive impact to your bottom line.


OnBase lets you extend Outlook efficiencies to meet the changing needs of your business. Users no longer store documents in their e-mail software. Instead, they save them right into OnBase without leaving Outlook, connecting e-mail to the business transaction. E-mail archiving is simple; you just drag an email into an Outlook folder. Or you can auto archive by subject line or Outlook field keyword. And any document in OnBase is available instantly, right from Outlook, regardless of how they were imported.

Core Features

  • Captures, indexes, stores and routes e-mails and attachments, automatically
  • Eliminates strain caused by e-mail services on both storage servers and IT staff
  • Retrieves OnBase documents directly from Outlook


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