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Facts to Consider when Choosing an Enterprise Content Management Solution: The Hyland Software and OnBase Difference

Throughout Hyland.com, we do our best to educate you about enterprise content management (ECM) with our ECM Solution Guide, inform you about trends in our industry, like the emergence of mobile solutions, as well as trends within your industry, such as the focus on Accountable Care Organizations in healthcare. We work hard to provide you with all the tools you need to make an educated and informed buying decision.

But we also know that – above all else – the two most important matters to consider when investing in an ECM solution are the simplicity and flexibility of the software and the stability and innovation of the company and people providing you with the solution.

That’s why we’d like to take a moment of your time to share with you a few of the things that set apart Hyland Software and OnBase.

You know … a few of the things that really make a difference.

OnBase is simple without being rigid; flexible without being complex.

Some solutions are rigid. If you need to customize your solution, it’s time to start writing code. And as soon as you start writing code, you start spending money. Other solutions are plain overkill: a set of high-powered programmer tools that offer very little functionality out of the box. These complex platforms typically leave IT departments overwhelmed, and all the bells and whistles sit on the shelf unused. OnBase is neither. While most ECM is designed for extremes, OnBase is designed for everything in between. It’s comprehensive software that’s fast, adaptable, configurable and affordable.

OnBase works within the software applications – and on the mobile devices – you work with most.

Integrate OnBase with any enterprise application, from business applications,to mobile devices, to email platforms like Microsoft Outlook, to collaboration portal tools like SharePoint. Tailor the user interface to complement the way you work and to your specific role. Then tackle your workflow queue from your tablet PC or mobile phone.

Customization without programming? OnBase is unmatched.

OnBase provides unparalleled levels of customization through point-and-click configuration rather than code. That means your IT department can work quicker, deliver ECM benefits faster, respond to change and adapt quickly.

Capture that goes beyond scanning.

Digitally capture documents from any third-party application straight into OnBase, whether it’s paper, computer generated documents, email, e-forms, PDFs, Word files, print streams, electronic data interchange streams – the list goes on and on.

Simple enough for now, flexible enough for the future.

Start small with OnBase, and then easily and affordably add functionality as business requirements demand. What today might be just a document imaging and retrieval system, tomorrow can be a powerful business process improvement system, built on OnBase workflow, delivered across your enterprise.

OnBase lets you choose a deployment model that works for you.

Whether you choose to host your solution on-site, through OnBase Online (our Software as a Service), or a combination of the two, your information is safe and secure, whether on-premise or ‘in the cloud.’And let’s remember that OnBase Online protects your information as if it were our own. We’re SysTrust certified, SAS-70 Type II accredited, and have delivered ECM SaaS for more than a decade.

The same OnBase solution that supports 10 users can support 10,000.

OnBase is scalable by design, not by workarounds. Deploy OnBase across multiple sites with flexibility and ease, and then scale your solution both horizontally and vertically when you’re ready and when workload demands. In other words, the solution that supports 10 people can just as easily support 10,000. Another way? Whether your departmental solution is managing 100,000 documents or your enterprise-wide deployment is managing 1 billion, OnBase has you covered.

Hyland provides the technology and guidance to make customers competent, confident and independent.

It’s about ongoing training, solution support, checkups and more. You see, a lot of people buy software and let it sit. We don’t want that. We want to help you make sure you get the most of your investment. We want to get you up and running and equip you with the tools you’ll need to succeed. We want you to independently manage your solution, while we stand ready to help, if needed. Our proven implementation methodology helps you promote end-user adoption. And our technical support team is not there just to fix problems, it’s built to prevent them in the first place.

Global reach, local presence.

With more than 10,000 customers in 60 countries speaking 20 languages, Hyland and OnBase circle the globe,delivering information to users at light speed, from Australia to the Americas and everywhere in between.And yet, Hyland and our network of AuthorizedOnBase Solution Providers deliver a level of high-touch, local support for customers that most vendors are unable to match.Which is to say, support is just around the corner – no matter where you are in the world.

R&D innovation is user-driven. It’s about market needs, not marketing hype.

Our industry-specific user groups allow like-minded customers to share ideas, which in turn, influences product innovation. Each year, Hyland re-invests nearly 20 percent of its revenue directly into product development, providing customers with immediate and long-term ROI as their needs change. And Hyland customers enjoy continuous innovation through two significant OnBase releases each year.

Happy employees make happy customers.

Committed and motivated? How about less than 5 percent turn-over when 20 percent is the industry norm? Hyland’s stability, leadership, market-beating growth, unique culture and core values help us attract and retain the best people. Furthermore:

  • The average tenure of Hyland’s technical support analysts is 7.5 years
  • Annual maintenance renewal rates remain above 97 percent every year
  • And 86 percent of all customers who have purchased OnBase remain on active maintenance
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