OnBase Imaging and Document Capture

Solve your document capture, imaging and import problems with one solution. Our document imaging and management solutions reduce storage costs, help you meet compliance standards and increase productivity. Beyond just document imaging solutions, OnBase has many tools to meet your needs.


Business applications might be the backbone of your organization, but getting usable information out of them in a timely and cost-effective manner can be a challenge. Many organizations print large reports and distribute them as needed, but this is time-consuming and costly. Additionally, manually searching for a specific piece of information within that report can be frustrating. To top it all off, related documents stored across systems are hard to connect.


COLD/ERM automatically imports standard file formats from business applications into OnBase. File formats include: ASCII text, IBM’s AFP, Xerox’s DJDE, HP’s PCL and PDF streams. At import, these files are automatically separated, classified, indexed and stored as individual documents that reflect a snapshot in time. Once imported in OnBase, the documents can be displayed with an image overlay for enhanced viewing, printing, e-mailing and faxing. This solution brings more secure and more accessible long-term storage of image and statements.

Core Features

  • Supplies immediate and secure electronic access to business reports to eliminate paper
  • Finds key information deep within reports with keyword and text searches
  • Saves time spent searching for lost documents and waiting for reprints

Disconnected Scanning

Centralized scanning often isn’t as painless and simple as it sounds. Getting documents to the central location often comes with high shipping costs and decreased cycle times. Centralized scanning also takes documents out of the hands of those who know the most about them and can lead to indexing errors. All of this slows customer service and even puts new business and revenues at risk. Securely capturing the documents where they were created reduces shipping costs and enhances service.


Disconnected Scanning from OnBase is a full-featured distributed capture solution. Instead of spending time shipping documents to a central location, immediately capture them at geographically remote locations. Documents are captured at the scanning workstation using any ISIS, TWAIN or Kofax-compatible scanner. When it’s time to upload documents to OnBase, Disconnected Scanning securely manages the automatic or scheduled uploads.

Core Features

  • Enables distributed capture at any location with Internet access
  • Provides faster capture of time-sensitive documents
  • Automates document classification and indexing

Document Imaging

Don’t copy, store and hunt for paper documents anymore. Instead, scan documents in with OnBase Document Imaging. They’ll be more secure, easier to access and quickly passed through processes. With document imaging management, employees don’t have to waste time on tedious paper filing or searching through folders and file cabinets. That means they’ll have more time to spend on core job functions and they’ll get more done.


Nearly every organization gets slowed down by paper. That’s why our customers find a rapid ROI with document imaging software again and again. Organizations eliminate much of their printing and copying, reducing paper and storage costs. Processes are quicker, paper isn’t stuck on someone’s desk, and more than one person can see a document at the same time. With document imaging, your organization can move faster and more efficiently.

Core Features

  • Reduces storage and retrieval costs
  • Increases employee productivity by providing fast, easy access to information
  • Secures documents, improves compliance
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