EMC Documentum Suite


My Documentum for Microsoft Outlook

EMC My Documentum for Microsoft Outlook enables companies to deliver content management functionality directly to the popular business applications knowledge workers use every day.

Outlook users realize immediate productivity gains with simple features such as content sharing and versioning, while gaining access to an extensive range of content management capabilities. My Documentum for Microsoft Outlook improves compliance with corporate governance efforts by allowing users to archive email and associated attachments into scalable, secure repository folders governed by corporate retention policies.

Features Benefits
Intelligent email handling Free up resources and get advanced content management functionality for email messages and attachments.
Extensive content management capabilities Leverage the benefits of best-in-class content management features right from within Microsoft Outlook.
Native Microsoft Outlook experience Bring Enterprise Content Management to everyone via Microsoft Outlook’s familiar interface.
Multiple content capture methods Utilize familiar methods such as drag-and-drop, Outlook rules, and send-and-save to incorporate critical storage into daily activities.
Comprehensive metadata management Easily capture information in email, attachments, or documents by classifying with customized metadata fields.
Offline access and content synchronization Access content anytime, anywhere—even when disconnected from the content server.
Comprehensive search Discover relevant information by leveraging Outlook style search functionality.

My Documentum for Microsoft SharePoint

EMC My Documentum for Microsoft SharePoint provides direct access to the Documentum content server natively through the SharePoint interface.

My Documentum for Microsoft SharePoint leverages the SharePoint user interface as an alternative client to the EMC Documentum repository, where enterprise content is securely stored. It also provides access to document lifecycles, business process management capabilities, subscriptions, rendition services, and more, all from within a familiar SharePoint environment.

Features Benefits
Seamless user experience Extend the SharePoint interface to provide seamless access to EMC Documentum applications and content.
Integrated search Quickly locate items in the Documentum repository directly within SharePoint.
Fast access to favorites Find frequently used items fast through subscription support.
Single sign-on Integrate login for secure, quick access to information.
Expanded reach of content management Bring the power of Documentum enterprise content management to more people in the organization.
Web services architecture Leverage the proven and scalable Documentum platform via extensible Web services.
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