EMC ApplicationXtender Suite

EMC ApplicationXtender: Software that delivers the power of an instant document management system to make your information more affordable to store, manage, and share, providing instant business results.


ApplicationXtender deploys in less than 24 hours, making it ideal for organizations with stretched IT staffs.


Users can retrieve information from the repository without leaving their line-of-business applications.


Leverage robust information access control security.

EMC ApplicationXtender is an instant document management solution that minimizes the costs and risks of paper while increasing productivity by streamlining the capture and management of documents. ApplicationXtender scans, stores, retrieves, and preserves information, while providing role-based access from either a desktop interface or web browser.

Based on an easy-to-use Microsoft Windows/.NET-optimized system, ApplicationXtender can be deployed right out of the box to provide instant document imaging and retention management capabilities as well as immediate integration with Microsoft Office.

EMC ApplicationXtender delivers:

  • Information security — Leverage robust information controls such as watermarking, rights expiration, and guest access.
  • Protection beyond the firewall — Secure sensitive information even after it exits the repository or passes beyond the organizational firewall.
  • Access control — Specify with document field-level precision which users or groups of users are able to access information.
  • User-driven controls — Empower end users with dynamic information controls to revoke or alter access permissions to sensitive information.
  • Version control — Ensure only the current version of a document is accessible to users
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