Crawford Technologies Pro Designer Product Family

The PRO Designer family of Graphical User Interface (GUI) products increases the value of the CrawfordTech products by enabling a wider range of capabilities, access and efficiencies. Now end users have more powerful tools at their fingertips to index, transform and re-engineer documents without changes to existing applications or the need for extensive programming support and expertise.

PRO Designer Advantages

  • Graphical interface to visually configure, transforms and re-engineering applications.
  • Drop down menus, context sensitive help and documentation, and automatic syntax checking.
  • Proof results on screen to reduce approval and development cycle times.
  • Automatically converts all print resources and rendering commands.
  • Provides full backward compatibility for all existing application configuration files.

PRO Designer delivers a highly flexible and intuitive way to design of new application configurations or to update the configuration of existing applications without programming and IT support. Crawford Technologies is the first vendor to provide GUI access across the complete range of document formats

PRO Designer for Transform Plus

PRO Designer for Transform Plus can be used for a broad range of cost savings by configuring Crawford Technologies Transform Plus products for transforms, data mining, archiving, and preparing content for multi-channel output. In addition, PRO Designer for Transform Plus helps you implement the most powerful indexing and metadata extraction capabilities in the market, and can be used to add TLEs and bookmarks to complex and dynamically assembled documents.

PRO Designer for Operations Express

PRO Designer for Operations Express brings the ease of use of a graphical user interface to the document re-engineering arena where it joins with Operations Express in driving costs down by maximizing document production process efficiency. The result is that users can more quickly and cost-effectively optimize and enhance print output and automate mail processing. In turn, this allows organizations to fully utilize printer and inserter investments by leveraging existing print-streams. PRO Designer for Operations Express can be used for re-engineering and configuring any and all of your document transformations as well as indexing, job splitting, data extraction, adding barcodes, archiving, preparing content for multi-channel delivery, and so much more.

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