Crawford Technologies Print Stream Conversions

CrawfordTech’s Transforms are flexible, fast and accurate print stream conversion products. These affordable enterprise utilities are rapidly implemented to convert existing print streams, delivering superior output fidelity and leading system performance.

For ISO-compliant archiving, all our Transforms are available with PDF/A output.

For ISO-compliant accessibility using PDF, learn more about our PRO Transform Plus for PDF/UA.

Integrate print stream conversions with Oracle WebCenter using PRO Transform Plus Validated Integration With Oracle WebCenter 11g.

Consider upgrading to Transforms Plus, enabling not only conversion, but the indexing and splitting of your print stream in the same pass.

Quickly and Easily

  • Convert AFP: AFP to PDF, AFP to PCL, and more
  • Convert PDF: PDF to AFP and more
  • Convert PostScript: Postscript to AFP, Postcript to PCL, and more
  • Convert Metacode (LCDS, DJDE): Metacode to PDF, Metacode to AFP, and more
  • Convert PCL: PCL to AFP, PCL to PDF, and more
  • Convert Line Data: EBCDIC to ASCII, ASCII to PDF and more
  • Convert Image: TIFF to PDF, PNG to PDF and more

You may also select the specific transform you require from the following grid:


The technology behind mission-critical transactional documents has evolved significantly over the years. As a result, the number of print stream formats and complexities can be difficult to manage. The wide variety of print stream types – AFP, PCL, PDF, PostScript, DJDE, Metacode, HTML and many others – can result in an inefficient production environment that inhibits your efforts to automate, optimize and improve operations, implement archives and to enable print and mail suppression.

Since 1995, Crawford Technologies has led the industry in flexible, fast and accurate print stream conversion solutions. Our PRO transform technology is widely recognized for its processing speed, fidelity, single pass processing, platform independence and cost effective implementation. As a result, our customers extend the value of legacy document streams, bring increased flexibility and efficiency to their production operations, and maximize the latest technology developments without the need for document reprogramming or redesign.

How can we help you manage and manipulate your key print streams?

  • Migrate legacy applications to a new format without reprogramming
  • Increase throughput and flexibility in print production
  • Gain freedom of choice in print protocols and formats
  • Minimize programming and production support needed for platform conversion

CrawfordTech transform solutions allow you to transform mission-critical transactional document print streams without the need for reprogramming. We provide you with the production flexibility you need regardless of your environment or infrastructure.

To save additional time and enable operations savings and efficiency, ask about our Transforms Plus products that include Indexing and Splitting features.

Indexing reduces development costs and supports increased productivity by indexing even the most complex documents by selecting and extracting pertinent data from within a print stream quickly and easily.

  • Data mine documents and print streams for information
  • Create index files in any common format
  • Apply if – then – else statements for any particular page or mail piece

Indexing is a key component in enabling the display of mission-critical customer correspondence online, in electronic bill presentment systems, or to add TLEs and bookmarks to complex and dynamically assembled documents – all without the need to change the original applications

Splitting supports increased productivity by enabling very fast and precise splitting (bursting) of large output files into several smaller files.

  • Provides greater control over production output by maximizing equipment utilization, enabling load balancing and by preparing output that matches your equipment’s productivity ‘sweet spots’
  • Re-purpose your production print streams into individual documents for presentment on the Web or for archival storage.
  • Split reports or statement groupings into departmental or customer service groupings to maximize the efficiency of both physical and electronic output
  • Divide output files into customer-specific documents and other precisely defined groupings.
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