Crawford Technologies Operations Express

Operations Express adds flexibility to any print and mail operation by optimizing equipment utilization and increasing operator productivity. This application employs advanced internal automation to leverage your existing production print streams to inexpensively and rapidly streamline print production and mail room operations, lower costs and increase operational efficiencies. Operations Express is an advanced yet straightforward method for re-engineering and manipulating of your existing print streams to consolidate your work to fewer devices and enable a variety of operational efficiencies without having to make expensive and time consuming application changes upstream.

Operations Express Advantages

  • Optimize print and automate mail processing across your existing investments
  • Data mine documents and print streams for information
  • Create index files in any common format
  • Create MRDF or other control files automatically
  • Apply if…then…else statements for any particular page or mail piece

Operations Express fits into any system architecture easily and reliably, and works with most common print streams, including AFP, Metacode, PDF, PostScript, PCL, and Line Data. The application runs on a wide variety of platforms including z/OS, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Windows. Included with Operations Express are a number of capabilities and features, such as indexing and splitting, for example, that help dramatically reduce development costs and supports increased productivity in even the most complex production environments.

View the Operations Express data sheet here.

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