Cardiff LiquidOffice for Human Resources (HR) Hiring and Employee Onboarding

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Cardiff LiquidOffice for Human Resources (HR) Hiring and Employee Onboarding

The hiring and terminating processes in most human resources departments touch critical line-of-business systems, regulatory compliance and a company’s intellectual capital in a completely ad-hoc manner. Cardiff addresses this liability by bringing control, security and visibility into all of these critical processes.  Cardiff’s Intelligent Documents interact with all the systems and people that are involved in hiring and terminating processes, regardless of where they occur.

Using Cardiff, businesses have received the following benefits:

  • More than 75% reduction in costs associated with shipping, paper, supplies and storage
  • Decrease in labor spent administering the hiring and terminating process
  • Productivity gains that allow HR personnel to spend more time on value-added activities such as increasing the fiscal objectives of the company
  • Reduction in fees associated with lawsuits, compliance penalties and lost intellectual capital

HR departments of leading companies around the world are using Cardiff’s Intelligent Documents solutions to dramatically shrink the hard costs associated with hiring, transferring and terminating employees. In addition to accelerating the completion of new and departing employee paperwork, Cardiff also enables these organizations to enforce employee data management policies to comply with existing reporting and auditing processes.

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