Cardiff LiquidOffice for AP Invoice Processing

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Accounts Payable departments are under constant pressure to reduce costs, and most of those costs are directly attributed to the manually labor-intensive, inefficient methods of processing that take place throughout the entire AP lifecycle.  In addition, because manual processing methods are so error prone, they lead the organization to even greater associated costs resulting from lost documents, duplicate and unauthorized payments, missed discounts, compliance fines, late fees and more.

Using Cardiff Intelligent Documents for AP, organizations can:

  • Easily implement automated workflows that meet their unique process requirements (including both standard processes and exception handling)
  • Automatically digitize and index paper-originated invoices
  • Allow for streamlined handling of both paper- and electronic-based AP documents, including invoices
  • Integrate with more than 300 existing line-of-business systems, including SAP R/3, Oracle Financials, Lawson, and more
  • Help auditors, shareholders and regulators ensure that the proper auditing and reporting controls are in place to document processes and eliminate undocumented exceptions
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