Cardiff for Retail and Food Services

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The broad value chains of the retail and food services industries extend in a variety of directions-often posing many redundant and isolated tasks. Building a real-time enterprise from these puzzles can be a daunting task. From inventory control to benefits management, inefficient processes hamper these groups of varied employees. These conditions can eat away at opportunities for growth.

Cardiff’s Intelligent Documents solutions improve the operations of today’s enterprise, from traditional operational activities such as procurement and planning to expense management and benefits enrolment. With these solutions, an organization can standardize process, foster better data capture, and track the flow of knowledge from location to location. Cardiff offers an automation suite to capture, route, index, and employ the ever-increasing flow of information and documents throughout the distributed enterprise.

With Cardiff’s Intelligent Document solutions you can:

  • Establish / Improve Processes by providing adaptive process management tools which allow for real-time process creation and improvement including data pre-fill and validation to ensure process flow and key checkpoints
  • Create Operational Efficiencies through the reduction / elimination of paper throughout the enterprise which shrinks overhead and provides automation and consistent data capture to reduce redundancies and improve accuracy
  • Deliver Rapid ROI through a strict adherence to Open Standards which means easy integration with existing infrastructures and multiple format input and output makes solutions available to a variety of applications
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