Cardiff for Insurance

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Cardiff’s Intelligent Document solution addresses the unique transaction needs of insurance organizations by offering unparalleled uniformity, security and visibility throughout an organization’s internal and external facing transactions. Cardiff’s single, integrated solution interacts with all the systems and people that are involved in new business acquisition and account management, wherever they reside within the organization providing benefits such as:

  • Minimize administrative costs through reduced paper, key-strokes and document handling
  • Realize faster account initiation with automated intelligent document capture and imaging
  • Expedite new product offerings through standardized electronic filing processes nationwide
  • Foster greater growth opportunities with more competitive and profitable products based on real-time account analysis
  • Provide secure online services for account management
  • Promote organizational uniformity and audit-ready processes with workflows, for structured and unstructured data

As a member of NAVA, the standards body for annuities and insured retirement solutions, Cardiff has actively participated in the development of standards in this space. Cardiff supports NAVA’s Straight-Through Processing (STP) Standards Initiative and is the only platform to offer an integrated solution to automate both paper and electronic forms driven processes. The Cardiff platform includes electronic and paper forms, workflow, and a full business process management suite. A single platform that supports both paper and electronic information on-ramping provides a smooth transition from paper to electronic forms. Also, even as standards-based electronic forms are widely adopted, regulatory bodies still require consumers to be able to opt out of an all-electronic process and choose to use paper forms. Cardiff’s Intelligent Documents is an elegant solution to both these scenarios.

ACCELERATING Business Processes