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Improve Costs, Productivity, Enrollment and Service with Intelligent Documents

Colleges and universities require proven document and form processing solutions to control the effects of rising costs and shrinking budgets, not to mention the steady increases in student applications. With Intelligent Documents, institutions are seeing great benefits by automating their form and document processes, resulting in lower costs, raise productivity and reduced response times.

Using Cardiff Intelligent Documents, colleges and universities are:

  • Lowering Processing Costs – Electronic forms eliminate paper copying, faxing, mailing, filing and storage costs.
  • Increasing Productivity – Electronic routing, tracking and approval of online forms and documents enable institutions to process more data with less staff.
  • Improving Customer Service – Automated processing and real-time access to information accelerates the admissions decision process, thereby increasing the potential for student attendance.
  • Facilitating Student & Faculty Retention – Automated collection and processing of paper and digital forms facilitate a faster and more accurate response to student and faculty requests.

Leveraging Existing Technology Investments – Cardiff’s commitment to open standards ensures effortless integration with existing database, content management and back office systems.

More than 900 colleges and universities worldwide have turned to Cardiff to automate traditional admission, financial aid and internal HR processes. By automating manually intensive processes, colleges and universities can be more productive with fewer resources. The ability to bring information online enables these institutions to serve their students and faculty faster with more accurate, up-to-date information.

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