Cardiff for Healthcare

HP Autonomy
At the heart of any healthcare organization lies a set of critical processes upon which the business is utterly dependent. These include processes such as patient and insurance enrollments, medical trials records, hospital administrative functions, procurement processing, HR forms and insurance claims processing—most of which have been, and continue to be, paper-based.  IT executives struggle with achieving efficiency in these processes because IT systems are not integrated, process-centric or adaptable to paper form and document processes. This is where Intelligent Documents are critical. By automating the work and the flow between functions using Intelligent Documents, employees do not need to learn the details of regulation compliance. They perform tasks assigned to them, and the system handles the procedure. Negligent or intentional violations of procedure are not possible. This eases the burden of regulatory changes on employees and eliminates the possibility of accidental violations.

Intelligent Documents are fully applicable for all types of healthcare organizations, including payers, providers and research organizations. Utilizing Intelligent Documents, processes are automated, progress can be tracked, and compliance with best practices is ensured and proven through a detailed audit trail. Reduced operational costs and improved financial metrics are the end result.

  • Reduce data entry costs and errors dramatically
  • Accelerate the delivery of data and documents
  • Automate both paper and electronic form and document processes
  • Shrink the time to revenue significantly
  • Enforce Security and privacy regulations and mandates such as HIPAA
  • Automate internal processes in accounting, human resources, grants/funding, permits and others
ACCELERATING Business Processes