Cardiff for Financial Services

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Financial Services Companies Grow Business and Customer Satisfaction With Cardiff

In today’s competitive environment, financial services organizations must leverage every advantage to attract new business, maintain customer loyalty, reduce costs and maximize profits. In response, leading organizations are implementing Cardiff’s solutions throughout their customer and organizational processes.

Securities / Wealth Management

The Securities and Wealth Management markets are a transaction driven business, usually initiated by electronic or paper forms and documents with multiple levels of approval needed to complete any transaction or account activity.  With market and government mandates for more rapid transaction processing and more secure account management, financial institutions are under constant pressure to implement improved information systems while maintaining the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Cardiff offers a seamless, easy to integrate, standards based and complete solution for many of the pain points within the Securities industry.

  • Improve customer acquisition and retention
  • Automate electronic and paper based account applications and transfers
  • Automate account servicing requests
  • Automate Document and form packages
  • Streamline transaction process
  • Enforce Security and privacy regulations and mandates
  • Automate Broker/dealer portals and processes

Banking / Lending

Cardiff Intelligent Document solutions simplify the collection, scoring and processing of sensitive financial information.  Financial Services companies are using Cardiff Intelligent Documents to speed the processing of applications by 90% or more – saving time and improving customer service.

With Cardiff Intelligent Document solutions, banking and lending organizations can quickly and easily:

  • Process applications from paper and fax
  • Verify application information with business rules processing
  • Connect to third-party fraud and scoring systems
  • Automate the creation and delivery of response/approval notifications
  • Support online and email applications
  • Archive completed forms to back-end systems
ACCELERATING Business Processes