Cardiff for Federal Government

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Government agencies today are under a combined pressure to increase collaboration across agencies while improving the efficiency and security of their individual operations. This pressure is being fueled by numerous government directives, such as the President’s Management Agenda for e-Government, and legislative initiatives, such as the U.S. Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA). In addition, citizens have come to expect the same kind of Internet- based experience and services that the private sector provides.

The demand for internet access to all public facing forms, documents and processes is leading to full-scale automation initiatives within government organizations at every level. Unfortunately, many agencies have determined that their existing systems or application development environments do not give them the speed, flexibility and control necessary to deliver a new set of process-centric applications to improve efficiency and collaboration.  Cardiff Intelligent Document technology addresses the challenges that government agencies face by assisting them in managing people, processes and resources more effectively to satisfy legislative and citizen mandates.

  • Reduce data entry costs and errors dramatically
  • Accelerate the delivery of data and documents
  • Automate both paper and electronic form and document processes
  • Enforce Security and privacy regulations and mandates
  • Automate internal processes in accounting, human resources, grants/funding, permits and others
ACCELERATING Business Processes