Manufacturing Automation Software & Information Management System

The manufacturing industry is in a constant state of evolution. Global development, shifting consumer demands, and innovative digital technologies are rapidly redefining the landscape in how manufacturers are streamlining the processing of internal and external data and documents.

In its simplest form, manufacturing is about taking concepts from a static form and transforming them into physical products for consumer purchase or for secondary manufactures to use. Whether it is textiles, chemicals, electronics or food and beverage, having fast, high-quality access to information is vital to your organization’s daily operation.

Information management and automation software make managing processes, SOPs and CAPAs simple and efficient while allowing the right people to access the correct information instantly. According to McKinsey Global Institute, 60% of work in an organization can be automated without user intervention. With the proper solutions in place, manufacturers can dramatically optimize productivity within their organization.

All Star Software’s solutions for the manufacturing industry is a digital-based information management and automation platform. These solutions help manufacturers to improve their everyday business processes related to their data and documents, thus allowing for a faster, more streamlined operation.

All Star’s solutions can be used to front end—or work in conjunction with— the ERP or line of business applications with capture, extraction, workflow, robotic process automation, and mobility technology. This combined functionality is seen as intelligent automation (IA) which is quickly being adopted globally. Intelligent automation systems can significantly enhance user and customer interaction and optimize data and document-centric processes/transactions in the manufacturing industry.

Intelligent automation combines artificial intelligence and automation, allowing vast amounts of information to be processed at high levels of efficiency and speed. With a market growth of 41%, KPMG reports that intelligent automation is projected to be a $232 billion business by 2025 with 40% of enterprises anticipated to have IA in place.

Adding Value and Functionality to Existing Core ERP System

In many cases, the ERP or line of business system has workflow functionality for approval of transactions. All Star’s solutions will feed clean and validated data to these workflow tools if it is your preference to use these existing tools. All Star’s workflow solutions can be used in front of the ERP or line of business systems to provide the approval portion of the workflow—if your business prefers approvals to happen prior to the transactions entering the ERP system. The ERP system will always be the core system of record, and All Star’s intelligent automation solutions can add value and functionality to those systems.

All Star’s software provides the ability to:

  • Capture information no matter the source.
  • Extract and validate data from documents.
  • Introduce documents and transactions into exception processing and approval workflows.
  • Clean and validate data into the ERP or Line of Business system.

Sales Order Processing

Sales order processing is a critical first step in the customer journey. Orders coming into your organization means revenue is being generated. Therefore, it is essential that as all incoming customer orders are received an automated system is in place to expedite sales orders accurately and efficiently.

All Star’s Sales Order Processing software solution considerably speeds up the sales ordering process by immediately capturing information on every inbound order document and extracts order data—regardless of the source (paper, email, XML, or EDI). A secure, centralized platform enables users to process, track and store documents electronically in the ERP.

With All Star Sales Order Processing software solution, incoming sales orders will no longer have to be manually processed—eliminating data entry errors, fulfillment delays, and inefficiencies. An automated software solution also means your employees do not have to input customer information, freeing them up to complete higher-level tasks such as providing an enhanced level of customer service.

Additional benefits of All Star Sales Order Processing software includes:

  • Customer orders and associated documents can be directed to the appropriate departments, keeping your supply chain and internal workflows moving.
  • Increase communication between the central office and the warehouse.
  • Sales order management is directly connected to higher customer service and contributes to supply chain success.

Robotic Process Automation

Increasing productivity while decreasing efficiencies and driving revenue is the ultimate goal of every organization. Your employees are most likely being underutilized by performing time-consuming, low-value manual tasks that can be automated with robotic process automation (RPA) software solution. All Star’s RPA solution accelerates processes and functions by eliminating tedious and prolonged manual tasks that can adversely impact productivity.

When you think about a customer placing an order, for example, there are multiple steps involved, more often than not manual steps. In many cases, receiving an order includes the receipt of an e-mail, using information from that e-mail to find an order in a portal, logging in and navigating to the order in the portal, downloading the order, and entering the data from the order into your ERP or line of business system. And finally, navigating back to the portal to update it with actions such as order confirmation, estimated delivery dates, and order status. Even simpler use cases like copying data from a spreadsheet to your ERP system or from spreadsheet to spreadsheet can be automated using this technology.

RPA can even eliminate costly back-end integrations between systems by taking transaction data that has been approved in workflow and entering that data through the User interface of your ERP or line of business application. This takes advantage of the logic that you’ve already built into those systems while utilizing workflow technology to process any exceptions that occur with this type of integration.

Since your employees are humans, they are prone to make mistakes. However, errors can be costly for manufacturers. For example, your bill of materials (BOM) is an important document which lists raw materials, components, sub-components and a host of other vital items needed for new product creation. The incredibly detailed nature of this document needs to be free from any mistakes. Otherwise, this will lead to a significant loss that will negatively impact the product timeline and budget.

RPA can immediately assist your organization in a variety of ways including:

  • Eliminating human error.
  • Providing higher data accuracy.
  • Delivering predictable and accurate results.
  • Improving employee engagement.
  • Fast-tracking productivity.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Generating customer support reminders.

Globally speaking, Forrester reports that the RPA market, while only at $250 million in 2016, will grow to $2.9 billion in 2021. These findings underscore how industries are embracing RPA to streamline their operations better.

Accounts Receivable

Organizations are continually looking for new ways in how their accounts receivable (AR) departments can improve cash flow while reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). If your organization’s accounts receivable team is using manual processes to allocate and reconcile cash in your ERP, then you can bet that revenue is coming in at an unhurried pace—resulting in increased DSO. This all too familiar scenario can be rectified by implementing an automated accounts receivable solution that will expedite the entire AR process and boost your team’s performance.

All Star’s Accounts Receivable software solution efficaciously processes customer invoices with data capture, an automated process that delivers and stores invoices. Incorporating data capture technologies with centralized content management software enables your AR department to process and review documents exponentially faster—free from delays and errors consistently found in manual data entry.

Automating your organization’s accounts receivable and payable approval processes from requisition through payment, allows you to collect discounts and negotiate terms faster and easier.

All Star’s Accounts Receivable software will help to drive profitability by:

  • Reducing manual payment allocation.
  • Eliminating bank fees.
  • Distributing cash more quickly.
  • Expediting invoices to your customers’ Account Payable portals.
  • Collaborating with sales on new customer acquisition information.
  • Allowing real-time visibility for greater AR oversight.
  • Increasing compliance by organizing, recording and automating information.

Collections Automation

A robust collections software platform is a powerful tool that can dramatically improve how you manage and collect customer invoices. If cash flow and productivity are reliable indicators of how “fiscally fit” your organization is doing, then you need to evaluate how financially healthy your business is. Being paid in faster turn-around time, while providing customers with a positive post-sale experience, can increase revenue while fostering better customer relationships.

All Star Collections Automation Solution software fast-tracks collection activity while averting overdue debts and rising DSO. By implementing an optimized, automated payment Collection System, your collections department will no longer have to rely on old data entry, spreadsheets or the uncomfortable method of calling a customer for payment. These low-value tasks are not only time consuming for employees but are also an inefficient use of their time.

An augmented Collection System that enables workflows specifically for collection activity. Through the use of automation, workflows, and coding, your organization can seamlessly combine numerous business components.

Your entire collections process can be optimized with:

  • Transaction and status codes.
  • Dashboards and reporting for KPIs.
  • Detailed collector activity can be tracked and stored for compliance and auditing purposes.

Accounts Payable

Paying your vendors and suppliers on-time is a critical component in establishing a solid relationship with your vendors. However, manual processes can dramatically slow down remittance processing. Going paperless with a secure, agile, and customizable automated solution can accelerate your business-to-business payments substantially.

The All Star Remittance Processing solution will help your organization’s accounts receivable team maintain the controls needed to sustain cash flow. Our solution combines best of breed information capture, data transformation, workflow and content management technologies to capture and process checks and remittance statements.

The immediate and ongoing benefits to your organization are:

  • More effective cash management.
  • Enter payment information to the ERP system swiftly.
  • Closeout open invoices faster.
  • Better visibility into payments received as well as open invoices.
  • Increase customer service – provide portal for customers.
  • Lower the number of collections calls.
  • Reduce DSO by increasing collections effectiveness.
  • Optimize A/R team efficiency.

The All Star Remittance Processing solution can integrate with any line-of-business or ERP system (SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft, Lawson, JD Edwards, Baan, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, SSA), augmenting your existing ERP system.

Customer Communications Management

Communication is vital to establishing and maintaining strong customer relationships. To enhance your customer communication strategy, you will need to create dynamic, personalized content that can be efficiently managed across multiple channels, including both paged (e.g., print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g., email, HTML, and XML).

All Star can help optimize customer correspondence with its Customer Communications Manager (CCM) software product, a single, enterprise-wide platform that easily integrates your web, mobile and print channels. You and your team will have complete control while ensuring compliance.

All Star’s Customer Communications Manager software can streamline your customer communications strategies with:

  • Minimal IT involvement.
  • Complete visibility and control of all inbound and outbound communications.
  • Lower operational expenses.

Vendor Management

Managing your relationships with your vendors and purchasing agents in today’s rapidly changing business environment involves implementing vendor management software solutions that enable you to provide faster, real-time access to information to any of your suppliers whenever they need it.

All Star’s Vendor Management solution can help you closely monitor and keep track of all business interactions with companies that supply goods and services to your organization, while offering the visibility and control you want over the entire vendor management process. Using this solution enables you to establish a more streamlined relationship with your core suppliers, allowing you to manage all of your vendors’ information such as contacts, products, notes, incidents, and contracts. The vendor management tool makes searching and retrieving vendor records a quick and easy process, allowing you to access information from anywhere at any time, including from your ERP or CRM.

Your staff can instantaneously access pertinent information and processes including:

  • Vendor master management.
  • Vendor contract management.
  • Vendor rating.
  • Vendor performance management.
  • Notes and task scheduling to support all data objects.

Further enhance your supplier relationships by offering a web-based self-service portal which can:

  • Lessen the time it takes to onboard suppliers.
  • Reduce supplier inquiries and invoice discrepancies.
  • Enable staff to focus on higher-value, front office tasks.
  • Efficiently manage large amounts of supplier interactions.
  • Cut costs.

As you may have already discovered, the onboarding process can be a time-consuming process. You can efficiently streamline the onboarding process in your organization by permitting vendors to submit their onboarding information into an online electronic form. This document will automatically be routed to your designated employees for review and approval. Once approved, it can be saved directly to your vendor master file in your ERP. A virtual checklist for documents is maintained, and the system will automatically notify a vendor if they are missing critical information such as W-9 forms, for example.

Contract Management

The contract negotiations process involves different parties with much back-and-forth from various parties—often resulting in expensive legal fees. Unfortunately, contracts can get slowed down during negotiations for a host of reasons which results in valuable time lost. However, you can regain vital control of your organization’s contract management lifecycle and expedite contract approvals while minimizing unnecessary delays by utilizing an automated contract management software solution.

All Star’s Contract Management software solution fully automates the contract management lifecycle by capturing and storing contracts, effectively eliminating the need for lengthy email chains or PDF and Word Files. Moreover, since all edits to the contract are made in real-time, everyone involved in the contract lifecycle process will have immediate access to the most updated version—allowing for faster and easier collaboration anywhere, anytime. Streamlining the contract lifecycle process leads to increased productivity and profitability for your organization while supporting compliance initiatives.

Automating your contract management lifecycle optimizes the entire process by:

  • Tracking comments, dates, and notes anytime during and after the contract lifecycle.
  • Routing the contract for review, approval, and execution.
  • Obtaining digital signatures.
  • Setting up automatic reports for contract renewals, expiration dates, or amendments.
  • Providing audit trails for greater compliance.
  • Giving auditors access to the system with a specific set of view-only rights, enabling them to do their research.

Human Resources

Employees are the backbone of any business. As you strive to grow your organization, your Human Resources (HR) department plays a vital role in recruitment, selection, onboarding, and retention of top talent that will add value to your company. The duties of your HR team encompass a wide range of responsibilities and tasks that require accelerated processes helping to streamline employee file management and eliminating paper. Providing instant access to sensitive employee information is imperative throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

All Star provides industry-leading workflow automation, case management and integration with any HRIS/HCM system, empowering your HR department to successfully perform employee recruitment activities, create useful onboarding experiences, and maintain file management in real-time.

At the simplest level, All Star’s solutions can eliminate paper and reduce HR inefficiencies such as having employees manually search for documents, while also increasing security and compliance by restricting what can be seen, by whom, and for how long. HR team members can digitally access employee information from anywhere, expanding capabilities beyond organizational walls.

With All Star’s HR management and automation solution, your HR department can:

  • Automate and expedite all stages of recruitment and onboarding while creating a single view for all new hire documents and tasks.
  • Use web forms to capture and route job applications to the appropriate team member.
  • Instantly send notifications to hiring managers when an application requires review.
  • Speed information access by creating a single source for electronically accessing files.
  • Reduce low-value tasks such as manual copying, filing, and mailing.
  • Provide a complete audit trail of user access helping to ensure compliance.
  • Set retention rules and alerts when documents are no longer in compliance with your retention policy.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of all the information they need to manage employee complaints, safety violations, and misconduct.
  • Easily update information, activities, notes, tasks and schedule meetings for involved parties.
  • Provide visibility into the status of cases to monitor progress, track resolution times and recognize holdups.
  • Implement tools to regulate processes for managing issues, ensuring accurate information is collected, and that required steps are continually followed.
  • Ensure configurable security and control over confidential employee information.

Human Resource departments also must deal with a variety of employee incidents. All Star’s HR management and automation equip your HR department with the necessary tools to handle issues quickly, consistently, and objectively while maintaining all of the data, documents, and tasks surrounding each employee and incident.

Additionally, your HR department can automate the management of the termination process in one central location, including:

  • Confirming employee offboarding checklist tasks are completed, so building and systems access is denied.
  • Contacting payroll with concise directions about how to process final paychecks.
  • Providing benefits staff instructions regarding what benefits will continue and for how long.
  • Improving the experience for the separated employee, including the use of automated notifications to provide real-time status updates.

All of this functionality is offered with integration to any core HR system, including:

  • Workday
  • Oracle
  • Peoplesoft
  • SAP
  • Success Factors
  • Infor
  • Ultipro/Ultimate Software
  • Kronos
  • ADP
  • Many more

Product Design & Engineering Management

Manufacturers need to implement flexible, agile, and extremely scalable automated solutions to ensure that all internal and external participants in the manufacturing value chain such as designers, engineers, manufactures, and marketing and support professionals have access to view the digital information they need—regardless of time or location, all in near real-time.

All Star can help streamline your product design and engineering management activities by offering a single software solution platform to manage the distribution of all digital media assets associated with your product line(s). Assigned members of your production team can quickly view, collaborate and edit various types of files, regardless of technical capability or location.

The immediate and ongoing advantages to your organization include:

  • Overseeing all product design material such as 3D CAD models, production information, materials specs, design reports, and marketing images and video files.
  • Offering direct integration between B2B supply chain solutions and back-end systems, such as ERP and warehouse management systems.
  • Reducing costs, improve labor resource allocation and prolong the life of expensive equipment through a process-centric approach to asset management on the shop floor.
  • Improving aftermarket product support and service by ensuring adherence to predefined processes and efficient deployment of internal and external resources.
  • Simultaneous revision control and protected collaboration for all digital product design and engineering process information.
  • Direct integration with industry-leading PLM solutions for centralized access to all design and engineering information for a new product.
  • Automate design review and approval processes.
  • Share, collaborate and mark up design information from leading PLM solutions.

ACCELERATING Business Processes