Information Management and Automation Software for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is in a constant state of evolution. Global development, shifting consumer demands, and innovative digital technologies are rapidly redefining the landscape in how manufacturers are streamlining the processing of internal and external data and documents.

In its simplest form, manufacturing is about taking concepts from a static form and transforming them into physical products for consumer purchase or for secondary manufactures to use. Whether it is textiles, chemicals, electronics or food and beverage, having fast, high-quality access to information is vital to your organization’s daily operation.

Information management and automation software make managing processes, SOPs and CAPAs simple and efficient while allowing the right people to access the correct information instantly. According to McKinsey Global Institute, 60% of work in an organization can be automated without user intervention. With the proper solutions in place, manufacturers can dramatically optimize productivity within their organization.

All Star Software’s solutions for the manufacturing industry is a digital-based information management and automation platform. These solutions help manufacturers to improve their everyday business processes related to their data and documents, thus allowing for a faster, more streamlined operation.

All Star’s solutions can be used to front end—or work in conjunction with— the ERP or line of business applications with capture, extraction, workflow, robotic process automation, and mobility technology. This combined functionality is seen as intelligent automation (IA) which is quickly being adopted globally. Intelligent automation systems can significantly enhance user and customer interaction and optimize data and document-centric processes/transactions in the manufacturing industry.

Intelligent automation combines artificial intelligence and automation, allowing vast amounts of information to be processed at high levels of efficiency and speed. With a market growth of 41%, KPMG reports that intelligent automation is projected to be a $232 billion business by 2025 with 40% of enterprises anticipated to have IA in place.

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