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In today’s era of competitive customer service, resolving issues quickly and driving faster case resolution are essential capabilities. And organizations don’t just need speed in their case management — they need accuracy, flexibility, the ability to track progress, view supporting information, and more. 

Here, we dive into what case management is, why a business needs it, and how case management solutions benefit organizations.

What Is Case Management?

Case management refers to the work involved in processing the content, data, and procedures of a case, including recording, monitoring, and analysis. A case can be a problem that needs resolving, a service request your business must fulfill, or the process of conducting an investigation. Case management work is distinguished from other business processes by the singularity of the cases themselves — since each case is different, the work involved is not typically repeated, and a repeatable workflow is not the best technology to apply to this type of transaction.

Case management solutions improve the processes associated with casework to make it more efficient and productive. A few examples of cases that may require case management work include:

  • Onboarding of customers, vendors, and/or employees
  • IT help desk
  • Project management
  • Human resources incidents
  • Facility work orders
  • Contract management
  • Vendor management
  • Claims processing

These applications are built using a rapid application development (RAD) environment. A RAD platform is the technology used to create case management apps that allows for a minimal amount of custom coding or scripting and more configuration — making it a quicker process to bring the apps to users.  

What Do You Get With Case Management Solutions From All Star?

All Star’s case management solutions help you improve how your organization handles cases by giving your employees a complete view of all the information they need to work on the case. The complete view includes the data, documents, tasks, notes, logic and integration with other systems, and the historical audit trail of the case. 

Some of the benefits of using a case management platform include:

Better collaboration

Case management technology gives employees working on a case access to all the content they need to collaborate and process it effectively. Information is only accessible to the right parties, so sensitive data stays secure, and your organization can resolve an issue more quickly with better communication and collaboration among caseworkers.

Improved visibility and control

The right case management solution will come with reporting dashboards and the ability to track audit trails of activity so all actions on a case stay visible and transparent. Your organization will remain compliant and ensure control of the case’s progress. The ability to subscribe to a case and be notified of any changes immediately while also collaborating electronically provides a modern tool to users who prefer the speed of electronic communication. 

Increased productivity

Employees do not have to switch between disparate systems, apps, and interfaces with a case management solution. The platform unifies data, so all relevant pieces of a case are visible, accessible, easily retrievable, and shared from one interface. Caseworkers can log activity, assign tasks, schedule meetings, add notes, update the status of a case, and more within the case management platform. The case becomes a “datamart” using all the related information available through a single interface. 

See faster time-to-value

Particularly in the case of onboarding customers, employees, and vendors, the faster the case concludes, the quicker you get to see the value of the relationship. Employees can start working right away, knowing their onboarding is taken care of, customers can start buying sooner, and vendors can begin issuing goods more quickly. Nothing falls through the cracks since every case is on a timer with notifications and escalations, keeping it visible and in motion.

Improve overall customer satisfaction

If your cases are customer-focused and require issue-resolving or rescuing client relationships, case management solutions better equip your workers to help customers. With quick access to the case’s related documents, a caseworker can make better decisions that expedite case resolution. Your organization can improve how it handles customer cases over time — boosting customer satisfaction and, ultimately, your revenue.

Curious About Case Management for Your Business?

If you’re interested in how case management solutions can improve your organization, reach out to All Star today. We’ll demonstrate how it can be the key to better issue resolution and happier customers.

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