All Star Kofax Capture Import Tool (ACIT)

The All Star Kofax Capture Import Tool (ACIT) is a configurable application that can import field data and document files into Kofax Capture. It reads one or more input files that are line-oriented containing data and document files specified on each line, and maps those lines to Kofax Capture fields and documents. Additionally, it can be used to import files only – no data file is required.

Key Features

  • ACIT supports the use of profiles. Each profile can monitor a different folder and be mapped to different batch classes. Additionally, each profile can have different poling periods.
  • ACIT can be configured to run as a Windows non-interactive Service.
  • Support for command line switches, run on demand, run as a service, etc.
  • Support for Kofax security.
  • Support for file conversion prior to Kofax importing, so as to guarantee standard and supported files are being sent to Kofax. (requires FileMorph add-on)
  • Detailed logging options for daily, weekly and monthly creation.
  • Import processing options: Delete after processing, continue on error, extracted lines with errors, special processing for continued processing of additional lines after the current for the same record – allows merging of records.
  • Convert processing options: If desired, ACIT can be integrated with FileMorph which will allow documents to be converted into a variety of formats, thus ensuring supported formats for other applications as well as a consistent format for the back-end repository. Options include: fail convert – import original, and time out setting before aborting.
  • If any error occurs during the conversion while “Import on Failed Convert” is checked, then the original file will be imported.
  • The “Time-out” value indicates how long the convert should be allowed to run before aborting. This is needed in the event that the application used to print a document is having problems and cannot complete. Perhaps it prompts for some user input on a damaged file, or doesn’t recognize the file format because it’s newer, etc.


  • ACIT must be installed onto a computer that has been Kofax Capture Scan installed

Mail Configuration Screen

All Star Kofax Capture Import Tool (ACIT)

Figure 5 – Main Configuration Dialog

Field Mapping

Clicking the “Field Mapping” button displays the Field Mapping dialog.

All Star Kofax Capture Import Tool (ACIT)

Figure 6 – Field Mapping Configuration Dialog

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