All Star “Insight”

All Star offers a simple to use, user configurable reporting tool called “Insight”. It will allow for reporting against the Kofax database (or other connected database, such as I/PM or database View) to run such reports as: Batches in the system, Batches per queue, and also report on the values of the index fields entered in the system thus far. i.e. invoice total for all invoices in the pending queue.

Key Features

  • InSight is a simple to use, web based, reporting tool that can pull information from any database table or view. Once configured on the web server, users can access it via a standard web page and begin creating reports.
  • InSight provides visibility into processes and eliminates the need for IT assistance to create reports in such tools and Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Cognos, BAM, etc.
  • During the, simple, four (4) step process to create reports, users can choose fields to display, sort order, column names, apply filters and even provide for run-time prompts.

Insight Database Reporting Tool

Figure 1 – Report Wizard Sample

Insight Database Reporting Tool

Figure 2 – Results Sample

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