OnBase Integration for Deltek Software

Learn how OnBase complements Deltek Costpoint software to help you streamline processes across your organization.

Integrating Hyland’s OnBase platform with the Deltek Costpoint software enables enterprises to increase efficiency and streamline business processes through a fully integrated content management platform.

The two solutions complement each other by providing users with:

  • Greater control of stored electronic files.
  • A secure, central document repository to store files, including videos, emails, and scanned images.
  • Image-enabling of applications.
  • More powerful template solutions.
  • Relief from the time it takes to search and retrieve documents and copy paper.
  • Better management of forms document-reliant processes.
  • Help with meeting important compliance demands through maintaining records management and process controls.
  • Management and storage of content in OnBase, plus access to documents directly from your Deltek Costpoint screen – this results in less wasted time spent searching for documents.
  • Features that automate approvals, reviews, and tracking.

A number of your business processes can benefit from an OnBase-Deltek Costpoint integration, including:

  • Human resources
  • Contract management
  • Billing
  • Requisitions
  • Project collaboration
  • Invoice automation

Through supporting a broad spectrum of document management solutions and project-based workflow automation, an OnBase-Deltek Costpoint integration can give your staff their day back and enable them to contribute to higher-value tasks. There are multiple additional solutions that also benefit from an OnBase integration:


Hyland’s OnBase solution for invoice processing, IAConnect, augments Deltek software through its web-based automation that:

  • Increases process management and visibility.
  • Reduces paper-based, manual processes.
  • Improves tracking and process controls.

With IAConnect, you’ll also leverage invoice capture, automatic routing of invoices to departments, automatic notifications, and monitoring and reporting to maintain a complete audit trail.


Hyland’s OnBase solution for purchase requisitions, ReqConnect, augments Deltek software through its ability to manage purchase requests for project-based businesses. You’ll see:

  • Better visibility into the purchase requisition process.
  • Seamless communication among applications.
  • The ability to access, review, and approve purchase requisitions from one solution.
  • Benefits from accurate, rapid procurement.
  • Reduced expenditures.
  • The ability to create, route, and track electronic requisitions.


Hyland’s OnBase solution for vendor portals, VPConnect, augments Deltek software by helping project-based businesses automate invoice-related data collection for subcontractors. Organizations can reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and billing time. Subcontractors can electronically sign and submit their expenses, time, and other data, so you can:

  • Speed up bill creation.
  • Better capture information from your subcontractors.
  • Leverage early payment discounts and cultivate better payment terms.

VPConnect also gives you the ability to provide subcontractors with self-service to access the information they need to submit data. You’ll speed up subcontractor-related processes across the board, saving time and money.

With the full suite of OnBase ReqConnect, IAConnect, VPConnect, and Deltek Costpoint, you can improve your entire procure to pay (P2P) process visibility, getting better insight into your whole P2P process.

If you’re interested in how to improve your productivity and efficiency by integrating OnBase with Deltek Costpoint, reach out to All Star today.

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