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While we know that you are also busy this time of year, we hope you will take a moment to reach out to us with questions or to help you prepare for 2018.  All Star Software Systems has the resources and expertise to help you make the most of your technology investments, so you can make the greatest impact on your organization.

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Product Spotlight   
Process Intelligence: The unsung hero of digital transformation
Effective digital transformation is about connecting the dots between internal processes and your customers and trading partners and optimizing all those interconnections.   Of course, it is difficult to improve what we don't understand.  To aggressively pursue process improvements and their automation requires an in-depth knowledge of your current performance baseline and the identification of sub-optimal execution patterns. This includes both public facing and internal processes.  Historically, the key challenge to achieving this insight has been inhibited by the inability of business intelligence and related tools to understand business processes.  

The need for deeper insights has been further exposed with the increasing popularity of process improvement and automation technologies such as Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  Without a complete understanding of current operations and a quantitative understanding of the costs and efficiencies of process variations, organizations being pushed into BPM, RPA and other transformation projects are greatly disadvantaged.
The first step in achieving these critical insights is to recognize that understanding business processes requires a new analysis approach -- typically referred to as process intelligence.  This also dictates that analysts must have tools specifically designed to meet the unique demands of process intelligence. Unfortunately, existing business intelligence, process mining and related tools have failed to deliver the necessary insights. 
A process intelligence tool must include all the capabilities necessary to understand, analyze and optimize processes. TimelinePI offers a new approach to process intelligence based on a patent-pending approach called Timeline Analysis, which can analyze any process type- - from structured to ad hoc case management and includes a rich library of best-practice analytical tools uniquely designed for process intelligence.
Through process intelligence, you will have the capability to discover and visualize process execution details automatically from your existing data, while guiding you towards best practices for performing analysis of large sets of process instances to assess their operational efficiency and identify the root cause for adverse cases. Managers are also able to monitor future processes to ensure they meet all necessary quality, performance and compliance goals.  Process intelligence provides critical insight needed to drive an efficient and profitable business, and is the key to extracting value from any digital transformation initiative.
For more information about Timeline and Process Intelligence, please contact your account manager or
Solution Spotlight 
OnBase Contract Management

Optimize contract lifecycle management by streamlining every step of the process

Gain better control over contract management while minimizing risk. OnBase equips organizations to manage the contract lifecycle from request to approval to expiration and renewal, automating predictable steps while providing the information and tools personnel need to drive work forward.  

With an OnBase contract management solution, you:
  • Securely capture and store contracts and supporting data and documents
  • Provide legal personnel with a 360-degree view of contract-related information, tasks, activities and correspondence
  • Automatically route contracts for review, approval and execution -- even digital signature
  • Receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals
  • Support compliance with a full audit trail of all interactions
OnBase provides a single, central location to store, track, collaborate and take action on all documents, data and tasks in the contract lifecycle. This gives legal departments complete visibility into the contract management process, from a history of interactions with data to a clear view of current work, upcoming obligations and expirations.
Benefits of OnBase contract management software include:
  • Accelerating contract cycle times and reducing operating costs, minimizing time spent searching for information and manually routing documents
  • Providing insight into contract status and staff workloads, equipping organizations to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Reducing the risk of missed expirations by proactively managing contract milestones
  • Minimizing delays with remote and mobile access to contracts and approval tasks
  • Maximizing existing investments by linking contracts to other systems of record
OnBase contract management solutions scale to support a variety of contract types -- including vendor contracts, employment agreements, NDAs and related processes, creating a lower cost of ownership and driving value organization-wide.
And, with ShareBase by Hyland, you can easily and securely share contract versions, specifications, terms, and agreements with vendors, legal parties, and others helping speed the process along. The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows you to share relevant files automatically as part of the contract management solution, regardless of whether recipients have access to OnBase.

For more information about OnBase Contract Management solutions, please contact your account manager or email us at .
What's New   

Managed Services for Kofax and OnBase

All Star Software Systems offers a monthly Administration  S ervice for the Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation and OnBase products. "Some of our customers just don't have the bandwidth or resources to perform tasks that are critical to the   constant   improvement of our automation solutions" said Paul Pitts, Vice President with All Star Software Systems. "We are an extension of their internal staff and are ready to augment their team with whatever services they require to make the system the best it can be".
To get the most out of your solution, it is critical that it not only be kept up to date and error free, but requests for adjustment or enhancement must be done in a timely manner to support the business users' requirements. We recognize that resources are tight and IT staffing is often backed up or simply doesn't have the expertise needed to effectively administer a complex solution. To cover this gap, All Star offers these managed services for Kofax and OnBase as a supplemental monthly service. 
All Star will perform these functions remotely on specified intervals. All changes will be documented and summarized in report. Any system restarts or changes will be communicated and approved prior to service. All urgent errors will be reported immediately. All other data will be collected and provided in a monthly system report. 
In addition to performing the monthly functions listed below, All Star will provide a block of monthly hours to be used for administrative changes, system changes, training, testing or general assistance that may fall outside of standard support.

Options include: Monthly Services only or Monthly Plus 2, 5 or 10 hours.  Please contact Paul Pitts at for options and pricing details.  

All Star can create the right solution for you. Our free initial consultation will provide the opportunity to see how to capture, transform, process, store and retrieve your mission-critical information, no matter the source.  

C ontact us today to find out why so many other organizations are happy to have made that call!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at All Star!

Celebrating 15 Years of Growth and Success!

Fifteen years is a long time. Very few things in our lives last that long -- the average tech startup doesn't usually make two years.  At All Star Software, we are honored and privileged to mark this milestone anniversary with  new and long-standing customers who rely on our expertise and integrity as partners in helping them achieve their own success.

All Star Software Systems was founded in 2002 by partners, Paul Johndrow and Paul Pitts under the banner of "Accelerating Business Processes".

"The goal was to employ automation in all our solutions" said Paul Johndrow.  "We wanted to play a critical part in our customers' daily activities and help them become as efficient as possible.  For years we had supported hundreds of content management providers like All Star while working for a software manufacturer.  We saw the good, the bad and the ugly and we built our business based on that experience." 

Paul Pitts added, "I am proud to say, despite many challenges and even with steady growth, our goal remains unchanged -- to provide the best software and services at a reasonable price with people who are passionate about success. We remain focused on solutions that automate business processes that are highly integrated and yield operational excellence for our customers. Our support contract is still unmatched in our industry and includes: unlimited cases, on-site & remote visits, installation and testing of upgrades.  After 15 years, we have seen a lot of changes with the industry, vendors and technology.  Regardless, we have held on to our original core values and apply them to everything we do."        

Thank you for fifteen years of great camaraderie and the opportunity to serve you! We hope the next fifteen years see you realizing exponential success with the current solutions but also with the leading edge new technology coming your way.  
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Connect with industry experts to learn about the latest technology in business process automation. Find out how automated solutions can be streamlined and optimized, creating a competitive advantage by gaining operational, financial and organizational performance improvements.

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Why End User Training is Critical to the Success of Your New Technology  

A new technology implementation at any organization often causes unwelcome
changes or added stress for employees. And while most new or upgraded solutions improve business processes, there are new buttons, tools, and functionality your employees will be exposed to but probably won't be able to learn all the functionality on their own, resulting in the company not realizing all of the benefits their solution provider promised to deliver.

Unfortunately, many business executives think of user training as an added expense and opt out of receiving important training for their staff.  Though many people today are tech-savvy, expecting employees to learn how to properly use new technology on their own will most likely lead to problems during and after implementation, less productivity, and less cost savings and efficiency, which defeats the entire point of the new system in the first place.

Part of the challenge in implementing new technology is staff being resistant to change. Proper training makes it easier for them to adapt and accept the change, having the confidence to use the system in the manner it was designed.

Unless your staff is trained on using the new technology, you cannot expect to maximize the efficiency and benefits of your investment. When this occurs, executives may tend to place blame on the technology or the solution provider for the lackluster performance compared to what was originally discussed. Bear in mind that a technology solution can only deliver all its benefits when properly used.

A good solution provider will make sure you're aware of the importance of user training and that you understand the risk if you choose to opt out. They have a support team who is expertly trained and certified in the products they offer. End user training helps the solution provider's support team troubleshoot issues and resolve matters quickly when users know how the system should operate and are able to articulate what they are experiencing when something goes wrong.

All Star Software is pleased to offer the official training courses from OnBase and Kofax. Our goal is to assist you in growing and improving your solution. Most offerings include a variety of training options including: Instructor-led (online or in person), eLearning, Premium Subscription or Self-paced.

For more information on how All Star Software Systems can help you with your training requirements, please contact your account manager or .
Software Updates

Hyland OnBase 17
Released 10/26/17
Kofax Capture 11.0.0
Released 10/31/17

Kofax KTM
6.2 Fix Pack 2
Released 10/23/17
Kofax KTM
6.1 Fix Pack 14
Released 07/24/17
Kofax TotalAgility
7.4 Fix Pack 1
Released 09/05/17
Kofax TotalAgility
7.3, Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 7
Released 10/25/17
Kofax Kapow
10.2 Fix Pack 2 Full Release 
Released on 10/25/17
Kofax Kapow
10.1 Fix Pack 3 Full Release 
Released on 08/10/17
Kofax Kapow
10.0 Fix Pack 5 Full Release 
Released on 07/20/17
6.5, Service Pack 2
Released 10/06/2017
6.5, Service Pack 1
Released 08/25/2017
6.5, Fix Pack 2
Released 08/31/2017
6.5, Fix Pack 1
Released 08/31/2017
6.4, Service Pack 4
Released 09/27/2017
6.4, Service Pack 3, Fix Pack 2
Released 09/08/2017
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