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Summer is here and many people are looking forward to taking a much-deserved vacation.  It's great to get away from the everyday stress of doing business, as well forget about your workload for a while.  When you return, All Star Software can help you manage that stress by ACCELERATING your business processes. Count on us as  your solution expert for information capture, storage and process automation and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals for this year as well as for the future.
Product Spotlight
Kofax Analytics and Document Process Intelligence

Managing and monitoring document-centric business processes presents a unique challenge. At different stages in the lifecycle of the business process, the transactional documents and data are under the control of different technologies, at various stages of completion, and have probably been managed by numerous staff. In many cases, the details regarding who did what when, and in what order, can only be pieced together by combining clues left behind in the various systems of record accessed or updated as the process progresses. As a result, there is no central point of control that can be used to understand the overall progress of the business process or the current state of the supporting documents.
Where BPM technologies have been implemented to orchestrate these processes, they can provide process monitoring, but only for those steps they actually orchestrate. At best, BPM may be able to measure queue lengths and workloads, and provide a level of alerts when bottlenecks and holdups occur, but it provides no insight into those steps that fall outside its field of control. For document-centric processes this is a problem, as there are often process steps that precede the BPM controlled steps (e.g. mailroom operations, scanning and capture, classification, input into systems of record). Of course, there may also be steps that occur following the BPM steps (e.g. archive, audit, etc.).  
Business Intelligence (BI) systems can provide further analysis of historical data on throughputs and outcomes, but they lack any understanding of the process holistically. Consequently, they are unable to track individual paths through the process where compliance failures may have occurred -- or more critically, are about to occur. BI tools are limited to only deal with point-in-time calculations with no ability to understand the process context of these values.
Kofax DPI
Document Process Intelligence (DPI) is the ability to monitor document-centric business processes from the time when a document is captured in the mail room to the time the data from the document is stored as a transaction in your ERP/Financial system.  DPI will provide an interactive and real time understanding of who scanned the document, how well data was extracted, how quickly data was corrected or validated and which workflow queues the data went through.  More importantly, DPI will also show you which transactions did not follow the prescribed route and ultimately which transactions made it into your ERP/Financial system and which ones should not have made it into your ERP/Financial system.  
DPI is the missing link that ties your capture systems to your content management and workflow systems to your ERP/Financial systems.  Upper management has struggled to find one tool that can tie these items together without sacrificing the functionality of these different systems.  DPI is that tool to tie things together in an interactive and real-time environment compared to a static PDF report.

To learn more about Kofax DPI, please contact your existing Sales Engineer or email us at  
Solution Spotlight 
OnBase for Accounts Receivable 

Improve visibility into cash flow and reduce DSO with the OnBase Solution for  Accounts Receivable
Even though the accounts receivable department is mostly EDI-driven, paper is still slowing down processes and clouding visibility into cash flow management. When you have an enormous volume of documents moving through customer service, AP, AR and quality control and if there is ever an issue, it could take a week to find the paper that had the answer. Do you want your staff to be able to spend their time on valuable activities like reporting and analysis...not searching for documents?  If you're still relying on paper for accounts receivable management, chances are this sounds familiar.
Finding and routing paper documents takes too much time. It's even harder trying to see what's come in, what's waiting to come in, and what's running behind. Without this vital information, organizations can't make smart financial decisions. With OnBase for Accounts Receivable (AR), you can see exactly what's coming in and going out in real-time, making cash flow management more exact -- not best guesses based on historical data.
AR can import or scan receivables documents into OnBase. Staff can find them quickly and the time saved in looking for documents is now used for valuable tasks like analysis, reporting and auditing. The first big project can be in customer service and AR. Trends can be spotted earlier, write-offs decreased and DSO dropped by two days, or 10 percent. This efficiency has saved organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
Handle influxes of transactions without adding staff
Not only does AR need more transparency into processes, it also needs to be able to handle the sheer volume of transactions running through it. One thing that makes this difficult is that the documents surrounding a transaction are often separate from the data. Even if a great ERP or accounting system is helping with accounts receivable management, it can't handle data and documents together.
By integrating your ERP with OnBase, you can unite your data and documents. AR staff can stay in their familiar ERP applications and just use a mouse-click or keystroke to find the documents related to that specific transaction or account.  This access to documents from within the ERP means that AR can handle a 15 percent increase in volume and even with the increase, companies do not have to fill full-time positions.
Conduct an audit without touching a file cabinet
Finding a set of documents for an auditor can take an organization days to locate. Not so when all your documents are in OnBase. Pulling up the needed documents just takes a matter of minutes. Even better, you or your IT department can set up a quick username for them, with restricted access just to appropriate documents, and let auditors find the documents themselves.  Your accounts receivable department can eliminate the paper that blocks visibility and slows down processes. Instead, your organization makes smarter financial decisions and keeps up with volume.
Document delivery
Your ERP system produces critical documents on a daily basis.  AR invoices, purchase orders, credits, statements, bills of lading, electronic funds transfers, aging reports and other standard reports are created, printed and delivered internally and externally as required. The cost of paper, printers and consumables can be very extensive. A larger cost may come as a result of delays incurred from delivering these documents in paper format. These delays result in invoices not being paid as quickly as possible, orders not being processed in a timely manner and a lack of visibility into open and completed transactions.
By using OnBase to capture, store and deliver your AR invoices, many of these ancillary costs can be avoided.  The OnBase Electronic Report Management (ERM) module can capture new AR invoices from a folder on the network where the ERP system has created and left them.  Once captured, the ERM module will parse these reports into distinct documents (one AR invoice report may contain hundreds or thousands of invoices for multiple customers), extract required data and store the documents for future retrieval.  OnBase workflow will now deliver the documents automatically to customers based on the preferences stored in OnBase per customer. Typically, the documents are delivered via fax, email or print based on the Delivery Master maintained in the OnBase database or any external ODBC compliant database.
The OnBase document delivery solution accelerates the handling of your ERP produced AR invoices by:
  • Automating the delivery of documents and reports based on maintainable business rules
  • Immediately notifying users of failed deliveries
  • Facilitating incoming money by providing documents to customers as quickly as possible
  • Retrieval of AR invoices in seconds versus dealing with paper documents or tough to navigate ERP systems
  • Reproduction and delivery of documents in seconds
To learn more about OnBase for Accounts Receivable, contact or your existing Solutions Management expert at All Star Software Systems.
What's New 

Managed Services for Kofax and OnBase

All Star Software Systems offers a monthly Administration  Service for the Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation and OnBase products. "Some of our customers just don't have the bandwidth or resources to perform tasks that are critical to the  constant  improvement of our automation solutions" said Paul Pitts, Vice President with All Star Software Systems. "We are an extension of their internal staff and are ready to augment their team with whatever services they require to make the system the best it can be".
To get the most out of your solution, it is critical that it not only be kept up to date and error free, but requests for adjustment or enhancement must be done in a timely manner to support the business users' requirements. We recognize that resources are tight and IT staffing is often backed up or simply doesn't have the expertise needed to effectively administer a complex solution. To cover this gap, All Star offers these managed services for Kofax and OnBase as a supplemental monthly service. 
All Star will perform these functions remotely on specified intervals. All changes will be documented and summarized in report. Any system restarts or changes will be communicated and approved prior to service. All urgent errors will be reported immediately. All other data will be collected and provided in a monthly system report. 
In addition to performing the monthly functions listed below, All Star will provide a block of monthly hours to be used for administrative changes, system changes, training, testing or general assistance that may fall outside of standard support.

Options include: Monthly Services only or Monthly Plus 2, 5 or 10 hours.  Please contact Paul Pitts at for options and pricing details.  

That's it for this version of The  ACCELERATOR . Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions pertaining to the information included in this newsletter.  We appreciate your time and continued patronage and look forward to hearing from you!


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OnBase 17: What's New

OnBase 17 is the most powerful and intuitive version of OnBase yet. With over 3,500 customer-driven enhancements, Hyland has improved almost every aspect of the platform, affecting every industry we serve. Perhaps most notably, OnBase 17 delivers an elevated user experience with new, modernized interfaces for Web and Unity clients.
  • Nearly 3,500 customer-driven changes, features and enhancements
  • New functionality for our capture solutions to expedite scanning and indexing processes
  • Enhanced BPM tools to enable parallel processing right out of the box
  • Extended geolocation functionality across the platform
  • Changes to our electronic forms capabilities, giving administrators much more flexibility when it comes to design and management
  • Significant enhancements to purpose-built integrations for DocuSign, Guidewire, Esri, AutoCAD and SAP 
  • Improvements to make it even easier for organizations to implement two-factor authentication for enhanced security
With OnBase 17, you'll find an enterprise information platform -- with a range of content services -- that's more powerful, more configurable and more capable of integrating with your core business applications. Check out this video to hear what's new!  We're confident that this latest release will help your organization become even more agile, efficient and effective.
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Save the Date! 

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TechQuest is your opportunity to learn and be inspired by more than 70 sessions led by OnBase engineers and trainers. Get help from OnBase experts through an extensive set of hands-on labs, renew your existing certifications, and connect with OnBase users from around the world, giving you the opportunity to understand and grow the best solutions possible.  Click here to learn more about TechQuest. Registration is now open!

TechQuest Nov 2017
Software Updates

Hyland OnBase 17
New Release
Released 06/26/17
Kofax KTM 6.2.0
New Release
Released 05/19/17
Kofax KTM 6.7.0
New Release
Released 05/19/17
Kofax Capture
10.2 Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 4
Released 06/07/17
Kofax KTM
6.1 Fix Pack 13
Released 05/30/17
Kofax KTM
6.0, Service Pack 2, F ix Pack 18
Released 06/30/17
Kofax TotalAgility
7.3, Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 4
Released 06/30/17
Kofax Kapow
10.1 Fix Pack 2 Full Release 
Released on 06/13/17
6.5, Fix Pack 1
Released 07/07/2017
6.4, Service Pack 3
Released 05/11/2017
6.4, Service Pack 3, Fix Pack 1
Released 06/14/2017
Team News:  All Star Welcomes Wynne Cerone 

All Star Software Systems is pleased to announce that Wynne Cerone has joined the company as a Senior Solution Architect.  Wynne's career spans over twenty-five years holding positions as a business analyst, sales engineer, project manager, and director of client services. 


 Wynne Cerone
Senior Solution Architect

Wynne has extensive experience in ECM, workflow, document capture, data capture and forms processing, She is certified in both OnBase and Kofax Software products and has experience with many other world class products.

She has a B.S. in Neuropsychology and Asian Studies from Wellesley College and has been recognized by the Connecticut Technology Council as a finalist for the "Women of Innovation" award.  Wynne is also fluent in the Chinese language.

During her time off, Wynne enjoys spending time with family and hiking with her dog, Marcus. 

"Wynne immediately makes All Star a better company based on her experience with our existing product set and technology focus. More importantly, Wynne's customer care and genuine concern for the success of our customers fits into All Star's core values and provides amazing internal leadership and a fine example for everyone at All Star to strive for", said Paul Johndrow, Vice President with All Star Software Systems.  "We are extremely lucky to have Wynne as part of the All Star team", continued Johndrow.  "She is the best of the best".
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