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Autumn is here and 2016 is hitting the home stretch. Please keep All Star Software Systems in mind to help analyze your organization's strategic goals and technology requirements.  All Star is our name and ACCELERATING Business Processes is our game!

In the meantime, enjoy this edition of The ACCELERATOR!
Product Spotlight 
OnBase WorkView

The Final Brick in Information Management

For years, All Star has been providing automation solutions utilizing document/data capture, content management and workflow technology.  OnBase is our flagship product for those technologies.  Most of our solutions end up sending data into the various ERP systems of record.  In that experience, there has always been information that needs a home but the ERP systems make it too complex or too expensive to implement.   

With OnBase WorkView, there is now one platform to do everything your ERP system doesn't do easily. Data stored in various databases, Lotus Notes, and old workflows can all be moved to a rapid application development platform that has integrated workflow, document capture and content management... all in a point and click configurable data management tool.

OnBase WorkView can create any data model utilizing relational tables with many to one relationships.  A good example of this is vendor management.  Vendor records can have parent-child relationships with objects like contacts, products, incidents, notes, tasks and contracts. Because the WorkView tool allows you to create any type of data model with relationships to other data models, there is no limitation to the type of data objects that can be related to vendors. These parent and child objects can stand on their own, be searched for and actioned on together or on their own.
WorkView Vendor Info Page JPG

OnBase WorkView has capabilities to solve a variety of business problem in diverse areas including:
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Case Management
With OnBase WorkView, your information management needs are complete.  Capture, store, retrieve, manage and automate all of the documents and data coming into or being generated by your organization.  All of this using one of the most point and click configurable tools available in the industry.
For more information on WorkView, please contact your account manager or
Solution Spotlight 
Kofax Document Process Intelligence 

What if you could...
  • Easily access and analyze all the data you need, in real-time, on demand, using highly personalized dashboards?
  • Follow transactions from the time of receipt or creation to the time of finalization in your systems of record?
  • Track the movement of data across multiple databases and systems of record using one user interface?
...Now you can

Kofax Document Process Intelligence is an intelligence platform that delivers the three critical capabilities for success:
  • Unified Analytics Platform
  • Governed Data Discovery
  • Process Intelligence

Kofax Document Process Intelligence is a unified platform that does everything from data integration to dashboards.
  • Absolutely no coding of any kind
  • No need to pre-aggregate data and build data cubes
  • No third-party products required regardless of the complexity
With Kofax Document Process Intelligence, organizations can track in real time documents and their data traveling throughout the organization across all of these systems:
  • Mailbag / envelope receipt
  • Scanning and email import
  • Data extraction
  • Workflow
  • Content Management
  • Physical document storage
  • ERP and systems of record
For more information on using Kofax Document Process Intelligence, please contact your account manager or
Something New

Test Drive ShareBase by Hyland Free for 
Two Months! 

Automate sharing. Empower users.  Retain control. 

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) product, and an ideal extension to your OnBase
solution.  Allow unlimited sharing of files both inside and outside your organization, while maintaining ownership and control of the entire process at the corporate level.
ShareBase can interact with your existing OnBase system, allowing documents to be easily shared outside OnBase, collaborated upon and imported back into OnBase. OnBase can automatically capture documents uploaded to ShareBase and automate secure sharing and notifications within your processes based on business rules. Eliminate reliance on email, FTP sites and USB keys by using ShareBase to confidently share folders and documents with individuals with no access to OnBase.
Share with confidence.  By leveraging the purpose-built OnBase Cloud (rather than a public-shared cloud), you minimize risk and increase security. ShareBase is hosted in  data centers strategically positioned around the globe, allowing you to select a region that meets your needs and know exactly where your information is located. An un-editable audit trail equips you to see exactly what content is being shared and accessed and by whom, while native document encryption -- with a personal encryption key -- ensures your important information is protected.

ShareBase Special Promotion
ShareBase is a standalone product that has the ability to interact with OnBase - the ShareBase promotion is for ShareBase as a standalone product and it runs now through the end of this year.  Hyland's special promotion includes 2 free months of ShareBase usage - unlimited users. In addition, the pricing tier has been lowered until the end of the year. The lower pricing tier is $100 per month, which includes the first 10 users ($10 a month for each user over 10). Typically, ShareBase is $500 per month, which includes the first 50 users ($10 a month for each user over 50) and the higher pricing is subject to return in 2017.
If you want to try ShareBase for free, there are no strings attached!  You can cancel at any time!  

To learn more about what's happening with file sync and share, download this PDF!

For questions regarding this promotion or ShareBase in general,  call your existing All Star Sales Engineer or email us at
All Star can create the right solution for you. Our free initial consultation will provide the opportunity to see how to capture, transform, process, store and retrieve your mission-critical information, no matter the source.  

C ontact us today to find out why so many other organizations are happy to have made that call!


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Utility Vendor Invoice Automation

For some customers, capturing utility invoices and the associated data entry involved can be a cumbersome process.  The AP staff must manually login to various websites, locate the appropriate invoice and save it to a folder for further processing.  Eliminating this effort can be done using the Kofax Kapow technology. 

Kofax Kapow robot functionality can perform the same tasks as humans to get this information.  The robot will log in to a vendor web portal utilizing credentials provided via configuration file or database, navigate to their invoices, iterate through new invoices, extract HTML-based invoice header data, download PDF format invoices if available and create an EDI file that contains the extracted invoice header data and downloaded PDF file path.  This EDI file will be ingested by your EDI platform which in turn feeds data directly into the ERP system for payment processing.  The solution will also store the associated invoice documents (typically PDF) into your content management or ERP system or both depending on your preferences.
Eliminate the manual process of browsing to, logging in, finding, saving and performing data entry for utility invoices from portals through the implementation of Kofax Kapow.  Kapow robots will automate this type of processing and eliminate the need for manual user effort as well as eliminate OCR based extraction and correction (if you are using this technology) for these invoices.
For more information on Kofax Kapow, please contact your account manager or
Hyland Named Leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ECM

Hyland is once again named a Leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ECM. This is the seventh consecutive year Gartner has designated Hyland as a Leader for its OnBase enterprise information platform. New to the report is the inclusion of Hyland's cloud-based file sharing product, ShareBase. In addition to their Leader status in the ECM Magic Quadrant, Hyland is listed as a Notable Vendor in the Asia-Pacific contextualization report.
OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. Providing enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), records management and capture all on a single platform, OnBase transforms organizations around the globe by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective.
Software Updates

Kofax Capture 10.2.0
10.2, Service Pack 1
Released on 06/30/16
Kofax Capture
10.2, Service Pack 1, 
Fix Pack 1
Released on 08/17/16
Kofax Capture
10.1, Service Pack 1, 
Fix Pack 10
Released on 08/31/16
Kofax KTM
6.1 Fix Pack 8
Released 09/16/16
Kofax KTM
6.0, Service Pack 2, 
Fix Pack 14
Released 08/29/16
Kofax TotalAgility 7.3.1
7.3, Service Pack 1
Released 10/03/16
Kofax TotalAgility 
7.3, Fix Pack 5
Released on 09/27/16
Kofax TotalAgility
7.2, Service Pack 2, 
Fix Pack 7
Released on 09/30/16

ReadSoft Invoices
5-8, Service Pack 2, Patch 5
Released 10/12/16
16.0, Service Pack 1
Released 10/14/2016
PaletteArena 6.4.1
6.4, Service Pack 1
Released 06/20/2016
6.3, Service Pack 3, 
Fix Pack 1
Released 07/01/2016
All Star Team News

All Star Software systems is always seeking sharp new talent for our constantly expanding organization.  We are  pleased to welcome Spencer Berenson in his role as a Jr. Solution Architect. Spencer is a member of our Implementation Services Group, whose success is driven by the needs of our customers and the dedication and unparalleled level of detail of our team.
Spencer Berenson
Jr. Solution Architect
Professional Experience: 
Spencer Berenson works for All Star part-time, helping his team to develop and redesign HTML eForms, as well as various .NET based custom components.  He is also  a full-time student,  pursuing a degree in Computer Science.
Special Interests:  
Outside of work and school, Spencer enjoys  web development & design, game development, CrossFit and rock climbing.

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