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With the arrival of spring and the promise of new and fresh ideas, we have many exciting things included in this edition of The ACCELERATOR.

All of our vendors continue to update their products, add new products and add new solutions very aggressively.  To achieve the greatest ROI from your products, please consider additional departments or additional solutions within your department.  

Don't be shy to contact us if we can answer any questions you might have about extending the use of your products.  We are your confidant for any information capture, storage and automation solutions, so please use us to bounce your ideas off of or to ask us for suggestions.
Product Spotlight
OnBase 16

May welcomes the release of OnBase 16 with over 3,000 customer-driven enhancements   to help organizations better manage content,  processes and cases throughout the information life cycle!   Two of the three main areas of enhancement in this release are the user experience and the administration tools.  Let's review a little from each of these areas...

User Experience

The Web Client 
  • Over 1,000 changes and over 400 enhancements.
  • Evergreen browser support -- The term "evergreen browser" refers to browsers that are automatically upgraded to future versions, rather than being updated by distribution of new versions from the manufacturer, as was the case with older browsers. The term is a reflection on how the design and delivery of browsers have changed quickly over the last few years.  Support for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer evergreen browsers are now supported.
  • Enhanced HTML web client -- In place of the ActiveX web client, the HTML client functionality has been further improved.  This allows the web client to not have to install the various ActiveX controls that run within the browser client.  Additional functionality includes redactions, export search result list to CSV, send to email, new note types, viewer support for new annotations, page rotation saving and many more.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for workflow tasks and workflow filters.
The Mobile Client for iPad and Windows Tablets
  • Support for image capture not as pictures but as images the same as if they were scanned using image enhancement.
  • Geolocation identification when uploading a new document or submitting a new eForm.
Workview / Case Manager Client
  • Visual indicator of related documents.
  • Field attribute masking.
  • Field validation messaging.
  • Consistent object viewer across all clients.
  • Office 2016 support.
Outlook Integration
  • New import options for importing attachments.
  • Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance added to interface.
General Enhancements
  • Document Separation Interface.
  • Workflow Interface.
  • Status View Portlets.
  • Document Knowledge Transfer in Web Client.
  • Public Access controls.
  • Better user prompts with "crisp, clear dialogs".
  • Revision numbers displayed in Unity Client search results.
Administration Tools

Consolidation of scheduling & notifications into the new "Unity Scheduler"
  • Workflow timers.
  • Reporting Dashboards scheduled reports.
  • Unity APIs.
  • Import processors (coming soon).
Notifications Editor
  • Create formatted emails.
  • Insert images.
  • Change background color.
  • Add hyperlinks & tables.
Unity Forms
  • Radio buttons.
  • Improved designer for complex forms.
  • Pre-populate forms.
  • Capture process designer.
  • Intelligent classification.
  • Mailbox Importer now supports Exchange On Line
Integration Tools
  • Message brokers to eliminate the use of Biztalk for integrations.
  • Application Enabler Connectors to embed a URL or OnBase button in applications.
  • PBKDF2 password hashing which makes it almost impossible for brute force password attacks.
Those are a few of the many additions and enhancements to OnBase 16.  Hyland Software has proven their dedication to adding functionality, improving existing functionality and adopting new industry standards and OnBase 16 is a great example of their efforts.  For more information  email us at or contact your existing Solutions Management expert.
Solution Spotlight 
Invoice Capture to Ariba 

Many organizations worldwide are engaging in electronic invoicing with their suppliers over the Ariba Network. Ariba automatically matches and validates your invoices prior tooing into your ERP financial system.  In essence, Ariba is acting as a workflow solution sitting in front of your ERP financial system. While electronic invoicing can eliminate many paper and electronic invoices, there are always leftovers that require capture, data entry and pushing into the Ariba Invoice solution. 

All Star provides the tools to assist with these invoices that can comprise a large amount of transactions. You will be able to accomplish the following with the All Star invoice capture solution:
  • Capture paper, email attachments, EDI transactions and DB transactions
  • Extract header and line item data
  • Validate the data extracted
  • Validate the data using database or web service validations against your ERP financial system
  • Perform a 2 or 3 way match against your ERP financial system
  • Send all resulting data into the Ariba Invoice Professional solution 
All Star's Invoice Capture to Ariba solution is the missing link in completing 100% of your invoices in the Ariba Network. This solution will provide the ability to capture invoices from any source that is not a part of the Ariba Network. It makes invoice processing as touchless as possible while eliminating 80% - 95% of data entry associated with AP invoices. The integration with the Ariba Network is done using Ariba's preferred integration techniques complete with error and exception reporting. The solution also allows bi-directional release not only to the Ariba Network, but also to your ERP financial system and/or your content management and workflow solution, if not Ariba.

For more info please click here , email us at or contact your existing Solutions Management expert.
In the words of one of our valued customers, "All Star Software Systems truly exhibits the qualities of a top-notch solution provider: vision, execution and integrity.  They take the time to understand the customer's needs and put together a solution that works today and scales for tomorrow.  All Star follows through with timely and high quality deliveries. They are always upfront with us, providing valuable constructive feedback to help us improve our solutions."

All Star can create the right solution for you. Our free initial consultation will provide the opportunity to see how to securely capture, transform, process, store and retrieve your mission-critical information, no matter the source.   Connect with us today to find out why so many other organizations are happy to have made that call!


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Did you know that customers can subscribe to receive notices when Kofax products are released? Kofax Technical Support Operations is pleased to announce that now anyone can choose one or more Product Families individually to subscribe to.  Just go to the Support Overview page and click on the RSS Feed button for a list of feeds.

All Star Software Receives Diamond Honors from Hyland

All Star Software Systems, an OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solution provider, has once again received the Diamond Support Partner Award from Hyland Software. This prestigious award is presented to OnBase partners who have gone above and beyond to make sure the OnBase Community is supported with excellence.

Criteria are based on numerous items including t raining, c ustomer retention and r atio of employees providing support to the number of customers.   While there is a point criteria to meet, meeting those points does not guarantee a Diamond Award. Final determination is evaluated on overall support impression and factors by Hyland Technical Support Management.   All Star is one of thirty Hyland partners globally to receive this prestigious designation for calendar year 2015.

All Star is part of the Authorized OnBase Solution Provider C ommunity, an exclusive team of more than 400 Hyland partners who provide expertise and hands-on support for OnBase, as well as the many complementary technologies that make up ECM solutions. 
Software Updates

OnBase by Hyland
OnBase 16
OnBase Version:
Kofax Capture 10.2.0
10.2, Fix Pack 5
Released 03/23/16
Kofax Capture
10.1, Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 8
Released 1/29/16
Kofax KTM
6.1 Fix Pack 6
Released 05/02/16
Kofax KTM
6.0, Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 12
Released 04/07/16
Kofax TotalAgility 7.3.0
Released 03/29/16
Kofax TotalAgility
7.3, Fix Pack 1
Released 05/11/16
Kofax TotalAgility
7.2, Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 4
Released 04/29/16
Kofax Analytics for Capture
1.2, Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 1
Released 03/11/16
ReadSoft Invoices
5-8, Service Pack 2 Patch 1
Released 02/29/16

PaletteArena 6.4
Released 03/18/2016
6.3, Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 3
Released 02/19/2016
All Star Celebrates 
10-Year Milestone

April brought another celebration to All Star with Monica Lee reaching her 10-year milestone anniversary.

Monica began her career with All Star as the Office Manager and is currently the Director of Operations.  As someone who still wears many professional hats, Monica's previous background includes retail and corporate management positions and she was the owner and manager of a New Hampshire inn.

 Monica Lee
Director of Operations

Reflecting on her tenure with All Star, Vice President Paul Johndrow said, "Monica is a focused individual who has demonstrated the ability to learn every aspect of All Star's business.  As Director of Operations, Monica leads All Star in many of the unsung departments including Accounting, Human Resources and Legal.  She has shown an amazing capability to manage all areas of business operations, keeping the customer first while also monitoring the health of All Star and the relationships we have with our vendors.  She is an invaluable asset to the company and an integral part of the soul of All Star Software Systems."

Congratulations to Monica for her outstanding leadership in ten years of service and unwavering dedication to both customers and the All Star team!  
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