Happy New Year!

As 2016 is off to a fresh new start, we would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business in 2015 and for helping to make it an exciting year for us. 

Our very best wishes go out to everyone for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.
Product Spotlight

Kofax Analytics and Document Process Intelligence

Managing and monitoring document-centric business processes presents a unique challenge. At different stages in the lifecycle of the business process, the transactional documents and data are under the control of different technologies, at various stages of completion, and have probably been managed by numerous staff. In many cases, the details regarding who did what when, and in what order, can only be pieced together by combining clues left behind in the various systems of record accessed or updated as the process progresses. As a result, there is no central point of control that can be used to understand the overall progress of the business process or the current state of the supporting documents.
Where BPM technologies have been implemented to orchestrate these processes, they can provide process monitoring, but only for those steps they actually orchestrate. At best, BPM may be able to measure queue lengths and workloads, and provide a level of alerts when bottlenecks and holdups occur, but it provides no insight into those steps that fall outside its field of control. For document-centric processes this is a problem, as there are often process steps that precede the BPM controlled steps (e.g. mailroom operations, scanning and capture, classification, input into systems of record). Of course, there may also be steps that occur following the BPM steps (e.g. archive, audit, etc.).  
Business Intelligence (BI) systems can provide further analysis of historical data on throughputs and outcomes, but they lack any understanding of the process holistically. Consequently, they are unable to track individual paths through the process where compliance failures may have occurred -- or more critically, are about to occur. BI tools are limited to only deal with point-in-time calculations with no ability to understand the process context of these values.

Document Process Intelligence (DPI) is the ability to monitor document-centric business processes from the time when a document is captured in the mail room to the time the data from the document is stored as a transaction in your ERP/Financial system.  DPI will provide an interactive and real time understanding of who scanned the document, how well data was extracted, how quickly data was corrected or validated and which workflow queues the data went through.  More importantly, DPI will also show you which transactions did not follow the prescribed route and ultimately which transactions made it into your ERP/Financial system and which ones should not have made it into your ERP/Financial system.  
DPI is the missing link that ties your capture systems to your content management and workflow systems to your ERP/Financial systems.  Upper management has struggled to find one tool that can tie these items together without sacrificing the functionality of these different systems.  DPI is that tool to tie things together in an interactive and real time environment compared to a static PDF report.

To learn more about Kofax DPI, please contact your existing Sales Engineer or email us at  sales@allstarss.com.  
Solution Spotlight  
OnBase for Human Resources
When OnBase is integrated with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), your HR employees can easily and instantly access both prospective and current employee documents and information directly from within the HRIS. They never have to leave the system. And they may never realize they are working inside OnBase. Below are some key components of using OnBase within the HR department.  Key factors include storing and retrieving documents, automating workflow processes and codeless integration with your HRIS system. 
Recruiting and Selection
OnBase captures, stores and routes applicant files, freeing recruiters from paper-based, manual processes, allowing recruiters to find the best candidates.
Employee Onboarding
With complete visibility into onboarding processes, OnBase ensures tasks are completed on time.
Employee File Management
OnBase provides human resources staff with a single location to store employee files, making them instantly available when needed. Within each employee file, OnBase identifies missing documents and automates document retention, helping organizations meet compliance standards and regulations.
Policies and Procedures
Electronically store and distribute policies and procedures, ensuring employee is aware of the most current policies while also supporting compliance.  
Employee Separation
From benefits to payroll instructions, OnBase enables HR staff to automate the management of necessary activities for departing employees.
For more information on using OnBase to enhance your HRIS system and your Human Resources processes, please contact your account manager or email us at sales@allstarss.com.  

All Star Software Systems is a proud OnBase Diamond Support Partner.

Support Special Announcement
Oracle I/PM 10g Support
Extended Support for this product and version ended on 12/31/2015.  As of that date, Sustaining Support can be purchased through Oracle.  Please contact Paul Pitts at 860-613-1500 x 615 or ppitts@allstarss.com to discuss all options that are available.

Sustaining Support will be available for as long as you license your Oracle products. With Sustaining Support, you receive technical support, including access to our online support tools, knowledge bases, and technical support experts. Note: The price increase from Oracle will be from 22% to 33% for Sustaining Support. 

It includes the following:
  • Technical support
  • Access to My Oracle Support
  • Fixes, updates, and critical patch updates created during the Premier Support stage
Sustaining Support does not include the following:
  • New updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates
  • New tax, legal, and regulatory updates
  • New upgrade scripts
  • Certification with new third-party products/versions
  • Certification with new Oracle products
As always, we value your comments and suggestions, so feel free to contact us at any time.  We appreciate your continued interest and business and look forward to touching base with you soon.

Happy 2016!

Hyland Discontinues Integration for Kofax Capture Module

As of June 1, 2015, Hyland stopped the sales of the Integration for Kofax Capture module. This was due to their inability to have access to the Kofax APIs and SDK. The determination was made prior to Lexmark's acquisition of Kofax. 

There are some important items for you to be aware of regarding the Integration for Kofax Capture module:

Hyland's Integration for Kofax Capture module will continue to work with all versions of Kofax prior to Kofax Capture 11, regardless of OnBase version. This includes Kofax Capture 10.2, which is their current version.

For those customers who own the Integration for Kofax Capture module today, Hyland is offering to swap the Integration for the Document Import Processor (DIP) module.


**You will only be asked to pay the difference in maintenance on DIP.


** If you own DIP already, you can choose to turn off Integration for Kofax Capture module and configure another job in the DIP module.


** Please Note that DIP is file based and not tightly integrated, and as such, it is prone to errors and additional effort to resolve.  For this reason, All Star is offering a direct integration between OnBase and Kofax Capture as well as Kofax Total Agility.  This Kofax Export Connector will allow Document Classes and Classifications to be mapped to Document Types in OnBase.  This will be a direct database integration and will eliminate creating DIP files and DIP jobs.  


For any further questions, please reach out to Scott Sagendorf, Manager of the Customer Services Group, at 860-613-1500 x 602 or 
OnBase Technical Communication for 
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.

Recently, Hyland has been receiving emails and phone calls with questions regarding support for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6. Technical changes that are incorporated into new versions of .NET Framework can sometimes be a challenge to work around.  A new version of .NET Framework can affect more than just your OnBase system. Make sure that before you install .NET Framework 4.6, you test your other applications or contact All Star Software to confirm the applications are supported.  

OnBase 15 SP2 and later fully supports .NET Framework 4.6. Earlier versions of OnBase have not been tested with .NET Framework 4.6. That being said, Microsoft states that applications running earlier versions of .NET Framework will work with .NET Framework 4.6. Hyland's QA Team has not always found such statements to be accurate.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to All Star's Support Team with any questions.

Microsoft Server 2008 Release 2 (R2): 
Beginning with OnBase 16, only Microsoft Server 2008 Release 2 (R2) and later will be supported.
Software Updates

Kofax Capture 
(10.2, Fix Pack 3)  
Released 10/30/15
Kofax Capture
(10.1, Service Pack 1, Fix Pack 7) 
Released 12/04/15

Kofax Capture
(10.0, Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 11) 
Released 10/09/15

Kofax KTM
(6.0, Fix Pack 1)
Released 09/21/15
Kofax KTM
(6.0, Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 10)
Released 12/01/15
Kofax Analytics for Capture 1.2.1 
(1.2, Service Pack 1) 
Released 10/30/15

ReadSoft Invoices
(5-8, Service Pack 2)
Released 12/07/15

OnBase 15
Thick Client:
Core Services: 
Released 10/30/15
Arena 6.4
Expected release: March 2016
All Star Team News

Tim Cronin
Solution Development Specialist

All Star continues to expand our Solutions Management Group (SMG) and welcomes Tim Cronin, formerly from the Sales team at All Star.  Tim has been with All Star Software for over 5 years and will be responsible for working closely with existing customers to ensure satisfaction with their current systems and for assisting our customers maximize their investments.   
Tim and the SMG are part of All Star's unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.  All Star's philosophy has always been to be pro-active with regularly scheduled maintenance visits (on-site and remote), delivering the latest product and solution news, and with keeping your solution up to date.  
The Solutions Management Group will continue that trend by further developing relationships with key players in organizations, helping to expand the solution and providing another set of eyes and ears for our customers.

In his time off, Tim enjoys a good hockey game and spending time with his family and their dog.
Share Ideas, Create Valuable Dialogue & Provide Feedback

Want to hit the ground running in 2016? Join an OnBase User Group today!  Network with a community of OnBase peers dedicated to utilizing technology to increase both effectiveness and efficiencies within their organizations.

No Membership Fee  
No budget? No problem!  OnBase User Groups are free to join and won't cost you a dime for any member activities. Educational content, user meetings, and everything in between are all free of charge as long as you are a current OnBase customer with an active Community login.

Recorded Webinars and Presentations
Meetings all day long on the calendar? All the User Group webinars and presentations are recorded and uploaded to the User Group website for on-demand access. Even if you don't register for that particular session, you'll still have access to past presentations.

Software Enhancement Requests
The OnBase User Groups are your avenue to request software changes directly to Hyland's Development team. If approved by your Director of Enhancements, the weight of the User Group supporting your request ensures Hyland understands the vertical and solution application behind your request.

Networking with Your OnBase Peers 
The OnBase User Groups bring together users in your specific industry or solution focus to discuss your questions and share your successes.  Member forums within each group make sure your questions and answers are heard by like-minded peers.  To sign up, click here.
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