Workday Integration with OnBase

If you’re using the Workday financial management solution, you have the opportunity to greatly improve your accounts payable operations by connecting Workday to Hyland’s OnBase software.

Hyland’s OnBase solution connects to your Workday financial management software to guarantee that information flows among your systems. When data is stored in siloed systems, your business units don’t talk to each other and remain inefficient. But the OnBase-Workday integration introduces AP automation to your workflows – enabling capture, connection, and access to data and documents. 

Those three necessary elements for AP automation mean your content stays easily accessible from Workday and in sync with both solutions. You can configure automation in Workday for each of your processes without disrupting operations. Ultimately, your AP department sees better consistency, efficiency, a reduction in manual work, and better visibility across the board.

How to Take Control of Accounts Payable Processes

Using the capture, connect, and access components, your invoices turn from high-volume sources of manual labor to robust sources of important data you can use to understand transactions better. No longer are your AP employees burdened by tedious, manual invoices processing. Instead, they easily manage invoices through the AP automation for Workday integration. 

The solution supports better decision-making throughout your invoicing and payment processes and reduces cycle times through intuitive document access, bi-directional integration, and efficient, timely capture.

How Hyland and Workday Work Together

Hyland and Workday offer this important integration for AP as a product of their mutual interest in bettering the collaborative process for customers. As a Workday Select Partner, Hyland streamlines the secure management and capture of essential business content while Workday manages AP transactions and important data. 

The two are a natural pair, and the resulting OnBase AP Automation for Workday gives users a complete view of all relevant data with far less manual work. By leveraging this partnership, your AP staff will be able to make more informed decisions faster, speed up processes, eliminate risks associated with manual tasks, and save massive costs and time. Overall, your AP department will be able to contribute better to your growth efforts. 

If you’re interested in how to transform accounts payable through OnBase AP Automation for Workday, reach out to All Star Software Systems today. We are deeply experienced in transitioning businesses through this integration to improve their productivity, efficiency, and operational abilities. We’d love the chance to learn more about your organization and how we can help. 

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