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  • Creating cohesion with AP automation

    May 13, 2015PaulCreating cohesion with AP automation

    Accounts payable and receivable automation has been somewhat of a lesser-spoken-about activity taking place in many of the world’s businesses and governments, but one that has been highly transformative for a number of reasons.

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  • Starting small with targeted workflow automation

    December 08, 2014PaulStarting small with targeted workflow automation

    As more companies begin to embrace automation software for a wealth of purposes, trends in utilization and the application of software to specific needs of the adopting firm have started to surface.

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  • In focus: ERP integration’s competitive edge

    September 08, 2014Corbin FaberIn focus: ERP integration's competitive edge

    Enterprise resource planning is a critical function of any business, and leaders must remain aggressive in their pursuit of accurate, effective and sound decision-making when it comes to provisioning and budget allocations.

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  • A closer look at modern ERP integration

    July 23, 2014Corbin FaberA closer look at modern ERP integration

    Companies have faced a challenging and often uphill battle when it comes to technological deployments in the past few years, as the relentless proliferation of new tools, services, solutions and techniques is enough to make any corporate purchaser’s head spin.

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