Tracking vendor relationships is critical to every organization. It becomes difficult when vendor information is located in multiple systems, tracked in spreadsheets or may just not be available.

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In today’s business environment, operating at optimal efficiency is paramount. Using All Star Software Systems’ business process automation solutions allow organizations to automate business processes, reduce costs and create competitive advantage over their peers.

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The All Star staff of highly skilled analysts, engineers and technicians will maximize your organization’s investment immediately starting with the planning and implementation phases and continuing with training and ongoing support.

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Expense Reports

Processing expense reports is often an unpleasant task for the employee who has to submit receipts and supporting documents and for management who has to approve the submitted expense reports. However, a well-organized system can make this process more efficient for both management and employee.

ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enables an organization to integrate data and business processes, such as processing an invoice or creating a new employee file, into a single system.

Human Resources

In most organizations, Human Resources (HR) means mountains of employee file paperwork and approval/exception processing for task like employee on-boarding, employee raises and employee reviews. Even the simple task of storing employee documents can be cumbersome and time consuming.


The nature of the insurance industry requires detailed records and documentation to complete each transaction. This typically results in a complex information management process with multiple levels of approval.

All Star Software Systems Mission Statement

To be your organization's most valued systems integration partner by accelerating your business processes through unparalleled, best-in-class and cost-effective software and services. All Star provides solutions that automate business processes. Our solutions capture inbound information (paper, fax, email, EDI, XML, edocs, eForms etc), extract pertinent data (thus eliminating data entry into line of business systems), allow users to retrieve the information in seconds and automate the approval and exception processing of that information.


Working with Exceptional Partners

Working with exceptional partners like All Star makes our jobs more rewarding and soooo much easier!

Perform Over and Above your Expectations

We are a national provider of hardware, software and document conversion services. Although we have technical resources to support our products and customers, we have engaged All Star Software Systems on specialized applications because we knew the work would be done professionally. We respect their industry expertise and ability to define the customer problems and present effective solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. All Star’s attention to detail and logical analysis of software challenges, allow them to perform over and above your expectations. They are a pleasure to work with and will do well in this industry.

A Focused and Dedicated Group of Talented Individuals

As a business partner, All Star Software Systems (All Star) exemplifies all of the positive traits required to succeed in today’s business climate. All Star could be used as the Model Partner for all other systems integrators and VARs to follow. The team at All Star takes great pride in their meticulous attention to every detail and this is appreciated by all of their valued customers. It is a sincere pleasure to work with such a focused and dedicated group of talented individuals.

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